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With the rise of eBooks, making an effective landing page for it is essential. Create a page that showcases a synopsis, point out what people will expect, where your eBook can be viewed, and maybe even add a little about yourself. 

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What People are Saying


EBooks are great for reading and relaxing after a hard day of work. I was able to download some of the EBooks I needed and read one and saved the others for later .


 Free-eBooks has been a great partner of ours, providing us with an abundance of quality leads on a consistent basis. We’re very happy with our campaign and will continue to work with Free-eBooks!



I published my own book, and then put it on an online platform where it got in front of millions of readers. Not just readers in my region, either. I  connected with a network of readers that spans the globe in multiple languages.


I have been reading Ebooks for a long time in I got to say this a great selection of titles and authors to choose from.  I have told all of my family members about this fantastic EBook website.


I see that you have a variety of tools to work with to help you publish your own EBook and that made me very excite about your website.  I start on my EBook right away. 


Publishing your book electronically is very easy and inexpensive, too. It can be as simple as just producing a PDF file.

Read on any device

Read your eBook in different formats through any device. On-the-go connected whether on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Auto-bookmark feature also makes sure that you never forget where you left off. There are some USB features that’s part of audiobooks that are provided.

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