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In this module you’ll get a crash-course on how the iPad and Apps works, the many features etc. You’ll also get a peek inside the App market to familiarize yourself with how everything works. This is a great starting point for developing new ideas for creating “hot selling” iPad Apps.

Ideas & Planning

The brainstorming stage! There are several different ways to predict if the app you put on the market will be a ‘winner’ or a ‘flop’…

This is the most crucial stage because you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money creating and marketing something that didn’t have any potential in the first place.


Yes, YOURSELF! You can most cetainly create the app yourself and I’m going to show every step in doing so…

You can also outsource the creation to an expert for very cheap if you prefer that. I’m giving away all my top resources!


Once you’ve got your new killer app on the market, now it’s time to WATCH THE CASH ROLL IN by marketing the socks off of it!

Here I show you how to get as many eyeballs seeing your app as possible.