27 Easy and Delicious Seafood Meals to Prepare For The Family


1. Bacon Wrapped Scallops: Easy and delicious. Wrap a piece of raw bacon around a scallop and secure it with toothpick. Broil for about 10-15 minutes until the bacon is cooked. Turn half way through cooking.

2. Barbecued Salmon Fillet: Cooking a salmon directly on the grill can cause sticking, but you can use a sheet of foil, turned up at the edges to create a cooking surface for your salmon. Add your favorite seasonings and grill until the salmon is cooked through. Serve with rice and vegetables.

3. Chicken Neptune: Dress up a grilled chicken breast with some seafood. Top with shrimp, crab meat and hollandaise sauce for a rich meal. Serve with rice and steamed vegetables.

4. Clam Chowder: There are a number of ways to make clam chowder, but this hearty soup is definitely satisfying. Serve in a sourdough bread bowl for an even heartier meal.

5. Crab Bisque: A creamy soup, it’s heartwarming on a cold day. Serve it with some bread and a salad and you’ve got a complete meal. Use homemade shellfish stock for extra fresh flavor.

6. Crab Cakes: These lovely pan fried savory cakes are made in a variety of ways, but are traditionally served with remoulade sauce. All you need is some crab meat, onions, eggs, bread crumbs and a few seasonings and you can make crab cakes.

7. Eggs Neptune: A crabby version of Eggs Benedict, Neptune features crab meat, topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce, served over an English muffin.

8. Fish Sticks: In a hurry, break out the fish sticks? Serve with fries or salad and don’t forget the tartar sauce.

9. Garlic Shrimp: Remove the shells, but keep the tails on your large shrimp. Saute in a pan with butter and finely chopped garlic until the shrimp turns pink. Serve with garlic bread and greens.

10. Pan-Fried Sole Fillets: A light breading of flour, followed by egg and then bread crumbs creates a nice crust on sole fillets. Serve with rice and vegetables.

11. Lobster Bisque: Pretty much like crab bisque, but with lobster. Serve in a sourdough bread bowl and enjoy.

12. Miso Soup: If you’ve ever had miso soup in a Japanese restaurant, you’ll know it’s a flavorful broth with simple ingredients like seaweed and tofu. The broth is made with dashi stock and miso paste. You can make heartier versions from home by adding extra vegetables if you’d like.

13. Mussels Hot Pot: Whether you use a white wine or tomato-based broth, a mussels hot pot is a great treat. Serve with plenty of bread for dipping.

14. Oysters Rockefeller: This delicacy consists of oysters on the half shell. They are made in a variety of ways but often topped with a rich butter sauce, cheese and spinach and baked.

15. Pizza with Anchovies: Some people love them and others hate them, but anchovies can add a great salty flavor to any pizza. Try them with your other favorite toppings and you might be surprised.

16. Popcorn Shrimp: You can make them spicy or really choose any flavor you want. Or you can simply save the flavoring to the dipping sauces.

17. Prawn Kebabs: If you’re using wooden skewers, make sure to soak them for about 20 minutes to prevent burning. After they’ve soaked, load up your skewers with prawns, brush with olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Cook until prawns turn from grey to pink.

18. Salmon Burgers: You can buy pre-made salmon patties, but a grilled salmon fillet makes a great salmon burger. Top with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce.

19. Salmon Cakes: Like crab cakes, but made with salmon instead. Serve over greens and with some tartar sauce.

20. Salmon Kebobs: Cut a salmon into 1” thick slices and thread onto a skewer. Brush with olive oil and dill. Serve with a yogurt dressing made with plain yogurt and lemon juice.

21. Shrimp Kebobs: The bigger the shrimp the better. They will turn out more juicy and are easier to place on a skewer. Serve your shrimp kebabs with rice and vegetables.

22. Shrimp on Pesto Pasta: Pan fried shrimp make a great compliment to your favorite pasta noodles tossed in pesto. Be careful not to cook the pesto or it will separate, just toss into hot pasta and you’re ready to go.

23. Southern Fried Catfish: Catfish fillets rolled in flour, cornmeal and seasonings. Make sure your oil is very hot to avoid overly greasy fish when deep frying. Serve with tartar sauce and your favorite sides.

24. Steak Neptune: A grilled steak is dressed up with a combination of crab and / or shrimp meat in a cream sauce. Serve with potatoes and vegetables.

25. Steamed Crab Legs: Simple and delicious. Steam crab legs, serve with plenty of garlic butter, rice and vegetables.

26. Tuna Casserole: There are many ways to make a tuna casserole, but it’s super easy to make with egg noodles, canned and drained tuna, cream of mushroom soup and cheese. Add sautéed diced onions, frozen peas or other vegetables.

27. Tuna Salad Sandwiches: A little bit of mayo, mustard and finely diced celery and you’ve got tuna salad. Add salt and pepper and place on your favorite bread. Top with lettuce and tomato.

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