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Baby Battles
Baby Battles
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Planning for a baby should not be taken lightly as it usually entails a lot of detailed issues that should be ironed out and completely understood. This is very important to understand, as along with the new baby there will be a lot of uncompromising adjustments, which have to be made that will certainly add pressure to the existing problems within the relationship. If both parties are not ready for these inevitable changes, the relationship could crumble under the intense pressure of it all. Get all the info you need here.

Besides the more obvious needs that should be addressed such as baby clothes, various toys, a crib, all the various utensils for the baby’s bottles and other baby food accessories and a whole host of other connective items, there are also a lot of other issues to consider that may not be so obvious at the beginning.

Most couples tend to focus on the immediate needs of the intended baby and forget about all the other supporting elements that would eventually be needed.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Planning For Baby Basics

Chapter 2: Discussing The Plan For When To Have Kids

Chapter 3:Discussing The Values The Children Will Be Taught

Chapter 4:Discussing How Children Will Be Disciplined

Chapter 5:Make Sure Your Finances Are In Order

Chapter 6:Why It Is Better To Plan Ahead

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