Childcare Goldmine

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Childcare Goldmine
Childcare Goldmine
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With most parents today opting to go back to work full time there is a need to find reliable and reputable childcare help. There are many establishments that offer such services but a discerning parent would wisely research the centre before actually making a commitment to send his or her child there. Places that offer childcare help which encompasses the essence of safely, health, promotions of physical, emotional and cognitive skill should be seriously considered as a requirement and a necessity and not just an advantage. Get all the info you need here.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Childcare Basics

Chapter 2: Type Of Center

Chapter 3: Training And Certification

Chapter 4: Legal Requirements

Chapter 5: Health And Safety Issues

Chapter 6: Equipment

Chapter 7: Insurance and Staffing

Chapter8: Marketing

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