Has the Excitement in Your Marriage Gone Stale?

wedding couple dancing

Has the Sex in Your Marriage Gone Stale?  Once upon a time, you could barely keep your hands off each other. Red lights didn’t last long enough to complete the soulful kiss. Just the anticipation of being together was mind-boggling. But over time, getting together became just another item on the to-do list.  Can you spice up a stale marriage?  Of course you can if you’re both willing to turn up the heat. You’ve allowed too much of life’s issues to crowd out your enthusiasm for the relationship. Work stress, commuting, finances, children or career disappointment can be the slippery …

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Is Step-Parenting Becoming A Problem In The Family


Is Step-Parenting Driving a Wedge Between Your Family?  “Yours, mine and ours” makes for an amusing movie plot, but it doesn’t assure a harmonious home. With so many step families in America, you would think we’d know how to make it work, but we don’t. It’s a challenge to be a stepparent, no matter how good your intentions are. Maybe we’ve seen too many “wicked stepmother” stories that there’s an assumption of the stepparent as being the enemy. As soon as a new “parent’ arrives in the family, the children start carving out territory. Then the adults get in on …

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What Married Partners Want Most From Each Other


What Women Want Most from Their Husbands  What a girl wants is the easiest, least expensive gift a guy rarely thinks to give. It’s not from the jewelry store or the luxury car dealer. It doesn’t involve lingerie or even designer shoes. And no, it’s not about chocolate, truffles or cheesecake. What do women want most and get least from their husbands: TIME. Sounds simple, right? But the truth is, our lives get so crowded with work, commuting, children and home maintenance, there are barely enough hours in the day to get everything done. As the children get older they …

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Five Fantastic Starter Ingredients For a Great Family Tree

Family Tree

When you finally make plans to get an account on a family tree website, you’ll need to have five basic elements in place to help you branch out in the right direction.  As your genealogy efforts take root, your family tree will grow at a more rapid rate when others contribute their knowledge. The first thing you want to include when building a page on a family tree website is some basic information about your family name.  You can tell where you are now, what information you know to be true, and what stories are just speculation. Second, you want …

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Make Your Online Family Tree Site Flourish

Whether you’re new to genealogical research or you’re a seasoned veteran at tracing your family roots, you’ll be glad to know that sites are continually developing new features and tools you can use to make growing your family tree a little easier – and a lot more fun! Remember the days when you had to trace your family tree in elementary school, maybe going back as far as your great-grandmother and grandfather?  You can throw away those Big Chief notepads because family tree websites are taking genealogy high-tech, but so simple a second-grader could use the tools. Instead of a …

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