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A Guide to Christmas Party Games

Have you decided to have a party to celebrate the holidays this year? Then you could benefit from this handy Christmas party game guide. There are games specifically so that children can have a grand time at parties and games where adults can enjoy themselves, too. Here are some game suggestions that are always crowd-pleasing:

Speedy Unwrapper: Take a series of boxes, small, medium and large. Wrap the smallest box the way you would wrap a regular gift. Place it inside the medium box. Wrap the medium box so that it’s tougher to unwrap than the smaller one.

Now place the medium box down into the larger box. Wrap the larger box with layers of wrapping paper and use tough tape, like box tape or duct tape. Divide the party attendees into two groups.

Each member has exactly thirty seconds each to try and unwrap the box. At the end of the time limit, the team with the box or boxes that’s most unwrapped wins. Make sure you have a prize for the winning team members.

Ornament Relay: This one has to be played outside or in a large room indoor (this one is great for any church Christmas parties). Divide the people into two even teams. Pick one person from each team to be the starter.

The starter has to pile his or her hands full of round, plastic Christmas balls and run to his or her team member to transfer the balls. The recipient then runs back to the home base (a large bucket or tin tub) to deposit the balls, then runs back.

The next person then has to run to the home base, gather all the balls and run back with them. Any balls that the runner accidentally losing must be recovered before he or she can continue on the race.

Christmas Charades: For a twist on a favorite Christmas party game, use familiar Christmas events as the charade. Use events such as stuffing the turkey, decorating the tree, wrapping gifts etc. If you’re going to have a party for children and need games suited to their age level, choose from among these fun games:

Mystery Stocking: Take a large stocking and put several Christmas related items suitable for a child inside. Make sure the top of the stocking is fastened securely. Pass the stocking around and let each child have a few minutes to feel it. Then have them write down what they think is inside (or tell you if they’re too young). The child with the closest guess wins the stocking.

Word Formation: Have sheets of paper for each child. At the top of the paper, write the words ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays.’ The object is to write as many words as possible using only the letters at the top of the page. Give a five minute time limit.

Pin the Toys in the Sleigh: Tape a sleigh to the wall. Give each child a paper ‘present’-something you might find in Santa’s sleigh. Blindfold each participant on his or her turn and have them try and pin the present inside the sleigh. Closest one wins.

Christmas Ideas for Holiday Party Planning

Planning a party is always a big endeavor, but toss in the flurry of extra activities at the holidays and it can take a toll on even the most organized people. You should always do some holiday party planning so that the event runs as smoothly as possible with the least amount of fuss on your part.

You want to start out by setting the date for your party as early as you can. There are a lot of parties given in December and you don’t want to get a lot of, “Sorry, can’t make it” replies because someone else’s party was scheduled first.

Remember that more is not always merrier. You don’t want to invite so many people that everyone is packed in elbow to elbow. Send out invitations to those you really want to spend time with. You can send out invitations via snail mail or through email and there are even some free email invitations you can use for your party.

Walk out of your house and back in. Does it have a Christmas scent? If not, you can prepare the scents in your home before the party by using cinnamon scented pine cones or you can simmer orange peels and cinnamon in a pot on the stove. You can also sprinkle scented oil such as warm cookies in your vacuum cleaner bag. Run it over the carpet or floor and it’ll give off a nice scent.

Is your party going to be formal or casual? Will your party be for women only? Men only? Will it be a family party? You can base your theme around the tone of your party. If you’re going to have a theme party, stick with one or two colors max. There are many different themes to choose from.

Winter Wonderland: You can have a winter wonderland party by having only silver colors. From the decorations inside to the sprayed silver silk poinsettias lining the walk outside, you can make your home sparkle like a winter day. Hang hundreds of tiny white Christmas lights throughout your entertaining area. You can use white dishes to set your table with and white candy canes for seating markers.

Recipe Exchange Party: This theme party takes some of the pressure off the person hosting the party because the snacks are brought by the guests. Send out invitations and every person attending has to bring a favorite cookie recipe along with a plate of those cookies.

Kids Make It and Take It: If you have children as most of your friends do and desire to have a party where the kids can feel like a part of it, have a simple project ready for the kids to make that can be completed during the party.

Black Tie Christmas Party: You can host an elegant get together with your friends and family and give the grown ups a night out. Break out the best china. Remember that white is always elegant, so incorporate that when you’re decorating. Serve champagne and have room for slow dancing. It’ll be a night your loved ones won’t forget.

There are so many Christmas ideas for holiday party planning that you might get overwhelmed just trying to decide which one you want to choose. But just remember that you can always try out another idea the following year!

How to Host the Perfect Christmas Party

You don’t have to be a perfectionist to host a perfect Christmas party. Remember that you want to appeal to the five senses of every guest. That’s touch, taste, see, hear and smell. You want your guests to be comfortable at your party and not have to worry about what they can and can’t touch (like setting a cup on an end table) – have out plenty of coasters.

Appeal to their sense of taste by serving the type of food you know is delicious to the masses. Never make guests guinea pigs for some new exotic food you’ve never tried before.

Always try out a new dish yourself first. You want your guests to enjoy the food. Unless you’re having a formal party, don’t make elaborate food dishes. To make sure you’re not overworked, you’ll want to plan your party menu around foods that you can go ahead and make before the party.

If you’re not aiming for an elegant party, finger foods are always a great choice. You don’t have to worry about making sure everyone has silverware, plus the cleanup after the party is a breeze.

Make sure you have appetizers for your guests as they arrive. If you’re having an evening party, many people have worked all day and are ready to eat. Don’t starve guests by making them wait for late arrivals.

When considering beverages for your guests, make sure your variety is large. Some people will want wine or beer with their food while others would prefer sodas or coffee. And of course, don’t forget the eggnog!

Let your decorations be a treat for their eyes. Everything about your party location should sparkle. Kids will always reach for stuff. If kids are present at your party, make sure little fingers can’t get a hold of any decorations that would injure them (or get ruined if you have treasured keepsakes around). If you’re using lit candles as a way to decorate, put these up as well.

Make sure the Christmas music you’ve chosen fosters a relaxing atmosphere (unless of course, you’re hosting a Christmas sock hop of some sort). Keep in mind music does equal mood.

The way the party smells will definitely make an impression. Give your home a holiday scent through the use of mulberry or vanilla candles and the smell of baking gingerbread. Even if you don’t enjoy baking, sliding a pan of precut gingerbread cookies into the oven can make your home smell lovely.

Have plenty of seats, too. It’s awkward when people stand around because they don’t have anywhere to sit. And then send them home with a little something to remember the night.

Everyone loves receiving a gift, no matter how small. You can buy party favors in bulk or make more personal ones. Some gift suggestions are Christmas ornaments, holiday cookies in small decorative boxes or candy in cute tins. Knowing how to host the perfect Christmas party is as easy as meeting the needs of your guests and using the tips above, your party planning should be a breeze!