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A Christmas Holiday Isn’t Complete Without Carols

One of the many Christmas traditions people celebrate is caroling. One account of this tradition is said to stem back to centuries ago when people would gather and sing in a religious gathering. Others say the history of caroling has nothing to do with religion and is instead given the outdated term of wassailing.

No one knows with one hundred percent certainty. But both sides agree it did involve a group of people known as carolers. Legend has it that this group of carolers gathered together and sang in order to be fed, hence the term, “sing for your supper.”

These groups of carolers would travel to various neighborhoods singing their songs. The origin of where caroling began has been disputed with some saying it began in Italy, while others insist it’s an English tradition.

Whichever version is correct, as time passed, door to door caroling died down somewhat but is still very much a tradition especially in smaller towns with a close knit population. For many people, today’s modern caroling involves carolers singing in Christmas parades, at church functions and in private homes.

At home or work Christmas parties, people will gather around a piano or stereo, play Christmas songs and have their own version of caroling. Did you know there’s a day set aside every December for caroling? It’s called Go Caroling Day.

If you want to plan a caroling event for your group or for your family, it’s not difficult. It’s a great way to spread the joy to your family and friends. No one has to have perfect pitch to sing in a caroling group.

All you have to do is be willing to give it a shot. Find out how many people would be interested in going and set a caroling meeting. Pick a date to go caroling and schedule a few warm up singing sessions with your group of volunteers.

Print out copies and staple them together of the carols your group would like to sing and practice until you can sing in relatively harmony. You’re not looking for perfection – you just want to make sure everyone has some familiarity with the songs you plan to sing. You can purchase books, but depending on the size of your group, that could quickly get expensive if you’re the one paying for them.

Know ahead of time where you’re going to go. Some communities have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to trespassers and sadly, carolers would fall under the heading of trespassers in some housing areas.

You don’t have to stick to going door to door if the weather doesn’t cooperate. You can visit children’s hospitals, nursing homes, community churches and more. Plan to go caroling this Christmas season. It’s an experience you’ll always cherish.

Christmas MP3 Songs Keep Your Spirits Lifted All Day

Christmas is one of your favorite holidays and you love everything about the season. You can’t wait until the stores are piping in their jolly Christmas tunes and love to hear the music playing in your home, in your car and at work, which is why many people now fill up their portable music players with Christmas MP3 songs.

As you move about your house, you can’t take your stereo from room to room. The songs you want to listen to on CD, if you were take your collection with you in your vehicle as you travel, would fill the front seat.

There has to be a better way to listen to the Christmas music you want to listen to. There is! You can put your songs on your MP3 player and listen to cheerful music as long as you want to.

An MP3 player is the perfect solution to keeping the songs you want by your side. Not sure exactly what to look for in an MP3 player? If you’re an active person and going to the gym is important to you, make sure you buy an MP3 player that’s skip resistant.

These are the ones that usually come with flash memory. What that means is that you won’t hear your songs repeat the same line over and over like a record player stuck in a groove. These MP3 players are made for you to move and groove.

Don’t pick out a basic MP3 player with no thrills on the side. Treat yourself to all of the handy side gadgets that enhance your player. If you’re looking to take your MP3 player with you, you don’t want to hold it in your hand.

You’ll want a way to affix it to your arm to keep it out of the way as you move about. The amount of music each MP3 player can keep depends on what size megabytes (or MB) it offers.

The larger the megabytes, the more of your music the player will hold. If you really love listening to Christmas songs throughout the day, take the one that has the best capabilities to store your songs.

Make sure the MP3 player you buy for yourself has a clear to read display screen. You want to know which Christmas song you’re listening to and you don’t want to have to guess which order you put the song on the MP3 player in order to find it. Once you select your player, all you have to do is download your Christmas MP3 songs onto it and you’re all set. You’ll hear Christmas cheer as long and as often as you’d like.

Christmas Music Sets the Mood for Entertaining

Christmas is right around the corner and approaching fast. It won’t be long now before we start hearing the strands of that familiar Christmas music in the air at work and in stores as we do our shopping.

Many studies have shown that music affects the way people act and it can have an impact on emotions. Restaurants tend to play faster music during lunch hour to encourage the customers to eat and go so the table will get cleared for other customers.

No matter what you’re doing, have you ever noticed how certain music affects how you feel? Upbeat lyrics with a snappy tune can make you feel better while those soft, heartache blues can make you ache inside. There’s no doubt about it – music plays an important part in our life all year long.

When you hear songs, it paints a vivid word picture in your mind and can stir your memory, make you laugh, make you long, make you feel happy and want to share the gift of your love and generosity. It creates a sense of well being and sets just the right mood when it’s time to entertain.

During the holidays, we often have the chance to spend time with our friends and colleagues in a more relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of deadlines. When you hear certain Christmas music, it immediately creates an atmosphere and that’s what you’re looking for when you entertain during the holidays.

People don’t attend parties because they don’t have anything better to do. They come for the enjoyment, for the pleasure of company and to spend time with people they care about.

Hearing those old, favorite Christmas songs can liven up a party and you might even get an impromptu sing along. When you’re planning your party, you’ll want to think about the people who have accepted the invitation and take into consideration the kind of music they enjoy as well.

You don’t want to pick songs that would drown out conversation. While songs about grannies getting run over by reindeer might make kids laugh, some of your business associates might not appreciate it at a more upscale gathering.

Think about what type of atmosphere you’re trying to convey when you select the Christmas music. Are you looking to have a party that’s more heartfelt and intimate? Or are you looking for a party where the place will rock? The kind of music you choose will have an influence on the mood of the attendees.

If you’re having a theme-based get together, you can even use Christmas music to enhance the particular theme of your party. You can use a mixture of holiday songs so that there will be something on the list that everyone likes, too.

Classic Christmas Songs From Your Childhood

Remember back to your Christmases of yesterday when you were a child? How excited you were as you counted down the days until Santa arrived? You probably remember the sights of the twinkling lights, the wonderful scents as the food cooked, the merry sound of laughter as family celebrated together and the classic Christmas songs that created a soothing and cozy holiday environment.

Hearing those old tunes from days gone by can sure trigger a trip down memory lane. Today, children all over the world love those same tunes and as the years pass, those memories will be shared with a new generation of children.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was (and is still) one of the top favorites. Remember how happy you were when Rudolph triumphed and ending up helping Santa Clause guide the sleigh safely through the night thanks to that bright, glowing nose? That song is much loved by children everywhere thanks to the story told in the lyrics.

And how about “Frosty the Snowman?” As kids, we all imagined dancing with Frosty in the street and singing happily about having fun like he suggested. It was more than just a song back then – in our childish imaginations, Frosty was real and we all delighted in hearing a song about him or watched him on television.

How many of us were good little boys and girls because we’d heard what was said in “Santa Claus is Coming to Town?” We knew he had that list and he was checking to see what kind of children we’d been all year – naughty or nice.

The catchy tune of “Jingle Bells” is a song that we used to listen to and as kids we would shake the little jingle bells. You could almost see the sleigh, feel the impatience of the horse stomping the snow packed ground and feel the bite of the winter air against the tip of your nose.

And who could forget when the Chipmunks sang their “Christmas Don’t Be Late” song? As kids, we could identify with being good – but knowing it wouldn’t last just like we could identify with the “Let It Snow” song as we stood at the window in childlike wonder as the fat flakes of snow turned our ordinary world in a magical one.

One of the slower, but still loved classics from childhood was “The Little Drummer Boy” – how all those songs take us back! Those classic Christmas songs we knew and loved played an important role in shaping our memories of this cherished holiday. Be sure to sing some of the lyrics to those much loved songs with your children and grandchildren and share those precious holiday memories.

What Your Favorite Christmas Song Says About You

Your favorite Christmas song speaks volumes about who you are – what kind of personality you exhibit. Whether you’re an aggressive, take charge person or a sit on the side lines and follow type, the music you listen to can give a peek into the kinds of attitudes and beliefs you have.

Different dimensions go into making us who we are as people. Psychologists have studied human behavior for years through research groups, quizzes, and surveys. They’ve gathered the data from these tests and compiled them into different categories based on the answers given by the study participants.

In these scientific tests, several different questions will be asked for each category. The study takes into consideration where you live at the present time and where you resided as a child, because our environment plays a role in our music choice based on the influence of our upbringing.

Educational background, both of the parents and your own, will be factored into the results as well. By taking part in these tests, psychologists have been able to accurately pinpoint people who are introverts or extroverts. Hard to believe that a simple test can tell whether you’re a social butterfly or low-key, but it can.

You can take part in one of these scientific studies to see what it will show about you. Some of the aspects of your personality you might already be well aware of, but the results could surprise you.

Even Christmas songs will show your personality. People who actively seek to give to others through charity work, financial donations or who give of their time to improve others’ lives tend to listen to more traditional Christmas songs such as Silent Night or Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Most people in this group enjoy reading and they enjoy listening to classical music as well as traditional Christmas songs.

For people who are career oriented, Christmas songs with a rock beat are usually the tunes of choice. While they enjoy the traditional songs, they prefer the more modern versions.

They thrive on life in the fast lane and get an adrenaline rush from handling seemingly insurmountable tasks. More often than not, their motto is “bring it on!” They enjoy pitting themselves against nature by taking part in outdoor activities that require stamina and skill such as white water rafting or jumping from an airplane.

People who prefer soft, jazzier Christmas music tend to be introverted and will often find themselves feeling a bit melancholy. These people are more open minded and highly intelligent. They also usually keep their finances in tip top shape and are highly organized people. Check into a personality quiz and see what your kind of preferred Christmas song says about your life.