Disney Costumes Has Quality and Many Characters For Everyone

Disney Halloween Costumes

You can rely on the Disney brand of costumes to be quality-made and exact matches to the characters in their movies and cartoons. Disney costumes come in all sizes, from infant to adults and all can be purchased online, sometimes at a discount.

Be different this year – rather than being “Sleeping Beauty, the Princess,” dress as the wicked Maleficent in an adult Disney costume that features a full length tunic with hood and collar (attached). Complete the costume by purchasing the Maleficent staff, topped with a menacing crow.

What little girl wouldn’t want to dress up as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” in the Belle deluxe costume that is an exact copy of the gown Belle wore in the movie. It comes with an off the shoulder gown, glittery over skirt and a cameo with the likeness of Belle. Your little girl will enjoy many play hours after Halloween in this unique and colorful costume.

Disney also created the unforgettable movie character, Wall-E, which can now be worn as a costume. The package includes a 3-D foam-constructed costume with face mask and gloves. And, Disney didn’t forget pet costumes – you can purchase a Snow White Halloween pet costume for your little princess, made of durable, embroidered fabric. Other Disney pet costumes include Cinderella, Peter Pan and more.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Aladdin’s Jasmine character and Tinker Bell can also be purchased online in many children’s and infants’ sizes. Some of the cutest Disney costumes for adults include the Cinderella and Prince Charming characters. You and your loved one can fulfill a fantasy and dance all night at the Halloween Ball.

Peter Pan and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean character, Jack Sparrow, are costumes that can be found online in several sizes. Disney’s Woody character is unmistakable and comes as a package with the jumpsuit featuring space graphics and a cowboy hat to complete the costume.

Adults can find many unique costumes such as the Deluxe Captain Hook Pirate outfit that’s sold as a package with a maroon and black jacket with gold trim, pants, sash, dickey and shoe covers to complete the look. The lady can dress as Peter Pan’s irascible sidekick, Tinker Bell, in Disney’s Sexy Teen/Adult Halloween costume. This package includes the dress and detachable wings. Items such as a wand and even “pixie dust” can also be purchased online.

You can depend on Disney to produce and deliver complete and quality costumes to wear and be recognized on Halloween evening.

Halloween Couple Costumes

Be ready for that last minute Halloween party invitation – or have a party yourself – and tell everyone to come in costume. There are so many ideas online and fully assembled costumes that you can purchase for a fraction of the amount it would take to make or even rent one.

A costume set that will make everyone laugh is the Plug and Socket couples costume. This set comes with a giant socket tunic — giant gray sockets on the front and opening flaps for the prongs. The prong costume is made of white foam and has an elastic waistband with an attached “cord.” There are two large gold fabric prongs in front that “fit” into the socket. (Warning: Don’t wear these costumes to a church or school celebration!)

How about going to the party as the couple who are the father and mother of us all – Adam and Eve? And, you don’t even have to get naked. The adult Adam and Eve couple costumes are flesh-tone jumpsuits with leaves to cover certain body parts. Leaf headpieces complete this unique couples’ costume.

What goes together like bacon and eggs? No one will have to guess if you belong together when you wear the adult Bacon and Eggs couples Halloween costumes to the party. They’re made from lightweight foam covered with fabric that resembles bacon and eggs and easy to wear over clothing.

Hopefully, a ball and chain doesn’t symbolize your partnership, but the Ball and Chain couples’ Halloween costume is a zany choice to wear to a party. Assembled from metallic lame’ mounted on foam, the ball is held in place by a single strap. The chain is connected from the ball to the other person by a waistband.

We’ve all laughed at the typical tourists in bright Hawaiian print shirts, shorts and the inevitable camera around the neck. Now you can recreate this hilarious couple by wearing the adult Tacky Traveler Tourist costume and be the stars of a Halloween party. The costume is unisex to be worn by men or women and includes the jumpsuit with a wire hoop for a “beefy” effect. Add a lei, straw hat, drinks, big bag and hang a camera around your neck and get ready for a good time.

Have you always dreamed of being a performer in a circus? Now, you can make your fantasy come true when you wear the adult Women’s Knife Thrower, Magician’s Assistant costume. The dress is trimmed in sequins with an attached black, ruffled petticoat. The knives give just the right effect, along with the necklace, apple headpiece, feathers and gloves.

Dress up your partner in the adult Knife Thrower costume that features a shirt, sash, knife belt and “knives” and also comes with a blindfold – and you’re ready for an exciting Halloween eve.

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