Eat More Not Less To Lose Weight


Eat More Not Less To Lose Weight


The first chapter of this course is focused on how changing lifestyle – more healthful diets and more exercises – helps you to lose weight and gain good health, and why starving yourself to lose weight is unnecessary and even dangerous. Chapters 9 to 10 are about healthy eating habits, food combinations and quantities that promotes weight loss, the science of losing weight, contribution of protein to getting fit, timing your meals, and the health benefits of eating the right foods. Get all the info you need here.

This course teaches you how to lose weight without the customary calorie counting that is often the basis of most weight loss diets. To be sure, low-calorie diets are too fast but it is a well known fact that they pose special hardships and gains are hard to sustain. Composed of 10 chapters, this course provides you with greater understanding of the needs of your body and how this knowledge help you follow a diet that induces weight loss and sustains your gains without effort.

Weight loss should result in a healthier you, not just a slimmer you. There are a variety of methods that try to make you believe you can solve your weight issues easily and fast. There are miracle diet pills and diets that drastically reduce your calorie and your general food consumption levels promising rapid weight reduction, which in the end leave you grappling with tremendous hunger pangs and dangerous side effects.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Healthy Eating Habits Tips
Chapter 3:
Food Quantities and Weight Loss
Chapter 4:
A Balanced Diet In Weight Loss
Chapter 5:
The Blood Type Principle of Weight Loss
Chapter 6:
The Science of Weight Loss
Chapter 7:
The Magic Bullet of Protein
Chapter 8:
Meal Timing
Chapter 9:
Calorie Counting Is Dead
Wrapping Up
Benefits Of Right Food To Health