Money Attraction Secrets

Money Attraction Secrets


I bet you’re scared, angry and maybe even confused. These are perfectly rational and appropriate reactions to the worldwide credit crisis that erupted in 2008 and sends shudders through every home in the United States. Regardless how conscientious you’ve been with dealing your money, the issues of 2008 have beaten us all.

It is not just the overreaching Wall Street firms who are paying the price for those bad investments. Every American taxpayer is now on the hook for gigantic bailouts organized by the same investors in the federal government that had turned their back on governing the very investments at the origin of today’s fiscal crisis. Are you furious? You should be.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
About This Book
Chapter 2:
Take Action
Chapter 3:
Net Worth and Credit
Chapter 4:
Ways To Save
Chapter 5:
Get Secure
Wrapping Up