The Productive Entrepreneur

The Productive Entrepreneur


Success in any aspect of your life is a result of planning out your goals and utilizing your creativity. The entrepreneurial life is a blessing and perfect
personal growth opportunity that allows you the flexibility of working your professional life around your personal life instead of having to work your
personal life around your professional life, as it often is when you’re working for someone else.

Operating and growing as a work-from-home entrepreneur takes some serious self-discipline. While any business run from home poses some
challenges, there are unique challenges that face those that are running the bulk of their business online. Taking business online is an easy
concept for many people to get started with, but not always seen as regular and devoted business, many online entrepreneurs are trying to ‘fit in’ their
online business in a busy life and not making the complete commitment to the business.

Although the ability to work from home provides a great deal of benefits that effect much more than just your work life, the challenges that come up
can make the ideal of working from home an extremely difficult endeavor. Business needs to be taken seriously to succeed. Even if you only have 10
hours a week to work your business, you need to be consistent, plan out your progress, stay focused and remember all the other parts of your life
that need attention too!

Gaining the right kind of knowledge and putting that knowledge into practice will set you up for a happy and productive work life that will
wonderfully mesh with your personal life. Read the following tips and advice with a determined mind that will see each idea as an opportunity to
try new activities and open the door to a clearer picture of how you can use your time wisely to run an online business from the comfort of your home.

Table of Contents

Introduction 4
Planning – 15 Tips to Organize Your Business 6
Effectiveness: 15 Tips to Getting Results 16
Balance – 15 Tips to Energize Your Work Life 22
Live the Life of a Successful Online Entrepreneur 28