Weight Warriors


Weight Warriors


Are you the guy who’s perpetually perched on the couch sitting in front of the Television set eating a bowl of crisps and a bottle of beer perfectly balanced on your stomach, dreaming of that tasty, greasy Big Mac and hating yourself for it?

Are you tired of being on the heavy side? Do you want to get on the right track and for these questions to stop? Well buddy you’ve got it!

With this copy of Weight Warriors : The Spartan’s Guide to Chiseled Abs, we’ll have you out of that couch and into those running shoes in no time! Because now is the time to decide to live a healthy life-style.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Eating Your Way To Abs
Chapter 3:
The Why Is More Important Than The How
Chapter 4:
Basic Exercises For Beginners
Chapter 5:
Taking Your Workouts To The Next Level
Chapter 6:
Secret Fat Burning Tips
Wrapping Up