Essential Oils

Essentials Oils

5 Ways Essential Oils Can Improve Your Daily Life

Essential oils have been around for centuries. Millions of people still believe in them and use them in the modern world.

They are loved for their healing properties and their ability to soothe the mind, body and spirit. They are an alternative to traditional medicine and are useful in helping with a number of illnesses and conditions.

Essential oils can either be applied topically or inhaled. Oils used on the skin are diluted with a carrier oil such as almond, coconut, olive, or grapeseed to decrease the chance of harm to your skin. One of the most common methods of inhalation is the use of a diffuser, which disperses the aroma into the air.

Let’s face it: the benefits of these oils are endless! This makes them an attractive and easy addition to your daily routine. Not sure where to start? Below are five ways essential oils can improve your daily life.

Promote Calm

Essential oils can bring you clarity and peace and can free you from the overwhelming feelings that can accompany anxiety. The right combination of essential oils can help you focus and navigate everyday tasks with greater ease.

The top essential oils for peace and clarity include the following:

• Peppermint
• Lavender
• Frankincense
• Jasmine
• Rose
• Lemon
• Cinnamon

Promote Relaxation

Relaxation is vital for your mental and physical well-being. Your mind and body need time to recover every day–and especially after an upsetting event. Essential oils contain properties that help your body to relax and recuperate.

The top essential oils for relaxation are as follows:

• Lavender
• Rose
• Lemon
• Sweet marjoram
• Clary Sage

Manage Stress

The proper aromatherapy can help you manage stress. Stress can be disruptive on many levels. It can make you inefficient, unproductive, highly emotional, and indecisive. Essential oils can help you not only feel calmer in a difficult and trying situation, but also, they can treat some of the physical side effects that may accompany stress, like a weak immune system, inflammation, or insomnia.

The top essential oils to reduce stress include the following:

• Ylang ylang
• Marjoram
• Frankincense
• Lavender
• Chamomile
• Lemon
• Jasmine

Pain Management

Are you dealing with a headache? Do you have sore muscles or joint pain? Essential oils are highly effective natural analgesics and muscle relaxers. They can help you manage muscle spasms, inflammation, and stiffness.

The top oils for pain are as follows:

• Peppermint
• Eucalyptus
• Marjoram
• Rosemary
• Roman chamomile
• Lavender

Digestive Health

Essential oils promote good digestive health. Multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of essential oils in improving the overall function of the digestive tract. Essential oils can help you with managing cravings, belly aches, bloating, cramps, and nausea.

Keep in mind that you should not consume most essential oils internally. The oils recommended here are for inhalation or topical use only.

The top oils for digestive health include the following:

• Peppermint
• Ginger
• Lemongrass
• Patchouli
• Fennel


The above are just five of the innumerable ways essential oils can improve your everyday life. The benefits of these potent liquids are incredible. Incorporating oils into your daily routine is also easy to do with a bit practice. Each of the oils has numerous benefits, making them extremely advantageous to adopt.

Remember to take care when applying an essential oil directly to your skin. Always dilute the oil with a carrier oil before using it topically since essential oils can irritate the skin when applied directly.

If you are currently taking any medications, do some research to ensure the oil you are using will not interfere with your current prescriptions.
Don’t be afraid of trial and error until you find the best oils to meet your needs.

10 Key Essential Oil Tips for Beginners

The scale at which essential oils are adding value to people’s lifestyles is simply fascinating! There is a perfectly natural and functional oil for people grappling with anxiety, stress, soreness, pain or any other mind-body hurdle.

A lot of sensationalism enshrouds the topic many wondering if the plant extracts are as potent as advertised. With the right usage and precise product knowledge, a few drops of essential oil is all it takes to turn your day around. This comprehensive guide will help you venture in the millennium-old field of Aromatherapy.

What to Expect from Using Essential Oils

Plant extracts used have specific properties that impact individual body cells regenerating and protecting them as well as boosting the immune system. Essential oils are naturally relaxing and elevate your moods instantly resulting to low-stress levels and reduced tensions in the body.

They rejuvenate great skin properties, act as a repellant for insects, aid in digestion, facilitate the development of healthy joints and muscles and so much more! It all depends on the chemical components making up the specific type of essential oil.

The Right Way of Using Essential Oils

You have the option of applying them topically or aromatically (through smelling). The olfactory system is greatly influenced by just a single smell thus affecting hormone production, memory and emotional responses.

Maximizing on Aromatic use of Essential Oils

The simplest way is squeezing a few drops on a cotton ball or tissue and inhaling or taking a direct whiff straight from the bottle. Alternatively, use specialized diffusers, diffuser necklaces or nasal inhalers.

Maximizing on Topical Use

Essential oils are very concentrated when purchased hence it is advisable to dilute before applying topically. The oils are highly volatile so if applied without diluting it leads to wastage of its elements. The evaporation rate is greatly reduced by diluting. Diluting makes it possible to apply over a large surface area and gives adequate time for the oil to get absorbed to the skin.

Using Carrier Oils

These are used for diluting. You can either make a 3% mixture or a 10% mixture depending on your health situation and age considerations. The 3% mixture uses 1 teaspoon carrier oil for 3 drops of essential oil while 10% mixture uses 1 teaspoon carrier oil for every 10 drops.

Strategic Places to Apply on the Skin

The oils can be applied anywhere on the skin except the orifices such as ears, eyes and the nose. Before applying on the face ensure the mixing proportions are accurate because facial skin is hypersensitive. If targeting the scent apply directly on wrists or the upper chest after diluting.

You can also apply on areas that are sore or in pain. For instance, in the event of a stomach ache apply essential oil to the abdomen to relieve the pain.

Essential Oils for Children

Not all oils are safe for children as their developing systems are not as resistant when compared to adult metabolism. According to dermatologists, children are more prone to toxicity and such oils should be avoided entirely for children below 2 years. Take time to do a background check on recommended oils for children that are accessible to you and mix with carrier oils before applying.

Essential Oils in the Course of Pregnancy

Some categories of oils are too strong and are not recommended for pregnant women. Such would stimulate overproduction of certain hormones which can trigger bleeding. This category of oils should also be avoided during the lactation period.

The Question of Expiration

Unlike popular perceptions suggest essential oils have expiry dates and are due to spoil a few years after breaking the seal even when refrigerated.

Choosing Quality Essential Oils

Multiple companies are currently offering an assortment of essential oil products which makes it challenging for beginners to tell their quality apart. Seek essential oil companies that have perfectly documented their products and fully stand behind their brand.

Get a special edge in your vibrant life with high-grade essential oils designed to complement your overall well being.

Essential Oils For Chronic Pain

Essential oils have earned a reputation for being natural methods to bring about peace, relaxation, and stress relief. They can also deliver pain relief to those suffering from acute and chronic pain. Essential oils are an excellent supplement for any pain management regimen, though experts don’t advise entirely replacing prescription medications with these oils.

What Is Chronic Pain?

Pain comes in two forms, chronic or acute. Acute means lasting for a short amount of time, no more than six months. You can generally associate acute pain with a specific injury. Acute pain typically results from damaged soft tissue that needs to heal. Chronic pain, on the other hand, lasts for 12 weeks or more and may result from either an injury or a health condition.

Chronic pain can be debilitating and hurt your quality of life by decreasing your productivity and your ability to perform everyday activities. It is common to experience emotional challenges with chronic pain, such as fear, anxiety, and depression.

Your natural inclination might be to reach for medication to relieve pain, but aromatherapy is a natural alternative that has been shown to help manage pain.

It might surprise you to learn that essential oils are good for more than just finding your zen. Think of them as being alternative medicines, or providing a complementary therapy for your pain.

The Best Essential Oils for Chronic Pain

What are the best essential oils for chronic pain? You will be pleased to learn that there are dozens of oils that serve as natural pain relievers. Let’s take a closer look at five fabulous essential oils for chronic pain relief.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is an excellent muscle relaxer for those who deal with troublesome muscle spasms. Peppermint oil contains menthone, methyl esters, and menthol, and thereby delivers a cooling sensation when used as a topical analgesic, applied directly to the skin.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil works in a similar way to peppermint oil. It delivers a cooling effect and is therefore fantastic at providing relief for muscle spasms, joint pain, and inflammation, all of which can be the source of chronic pain.

Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, making it extremely useful in managing chronic pain. It helps to reduce spasms, aches, and pains. A little dab will do the trick with this oil—so be sure to use it in small quantities.

Marjoram Oil

Marjoram essential oil is fantastic at relieving stiff joints and tight muscle aches. This oil was first used hundreds of years ago to treat sprains and other injuries by decreasing swelling. Marjoram oil possesses multiple analgesic characteristics that make it a fan-favorite for managing pain without the pesky side effects that modern medication often has.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is useful for more than just helping you comfortably fall asleep or find your path to Zen. Chamomile essential oil helps to relieve pain and can be especially effective if applied to your joints when you are dealing with a uric acid buildup.


As you can see, essential oils can be an amazing supplement to many pain management regimens. When mixed with a carrier oil, like almond or coconut oil, each of the above oils is an excellent topical analgesic agent and can therefore provide immediate pain relief.

Before replacing your medication with essential oils (or using it in combination with your prescription) always consult your physician. Some oils may interfere with medications and trigger side effects. Also remember to always dilute an essential oil before applying it direly to your skin to avoid allergic or adverse reactions.

Fight Loneliness With Essential Oils

If you are single and live alone, the feelings of loneliness can start to creep up on you.  Loneliness often leads to depression, social anxiety, and undue stress.  Loneliness does not need to be a staple in your life.  You can help fight back with essential oils in aromatherapy which will deliver a powerfully therapeutic scents and fragrances.  Aromatherapy will help you fight back and give you a boost in emotional balance.

Being lonely can take over your mind and it leads to severe depression if it is not curbed.  Loneliness can give you social anxiety which inhibits your ability to interact with people.  Depression and the accompanying social anxiety can make it difficult for you to get a job, or it can be the basis of losing your current job.  Aromatherapy with essential oils can help rid your mind from the dangerous effects of depression and social anxiety making you feel more fulfilled.

Many people have become more introverted and spend more time on the Internet which has led to more people feeling lonelier.  Holding in emotions is taught as an important part of a professional attitude.  Unfortunately, holding in emotions can lead to depression or an emotionally unbalanced behavior pattern.  The essential oils will release these internal feelings and help you relax your mind.

The following essential oils in aromatherapy will help you battle loneliness and fight back from the depression that can take over your life.  They can be used individually with their own benefits for each of their components.  They are better used in combination for their potent solution for depression and anxiety.  Majoram Sweet and Rosemary are both powerful essential oils that can be used in the office or at home to relieve you of the mental worry and loneliness.

Marjoram Sweet

Marjoram Sweet is a naturally soothing and comforting herb that can help release your anxiety and increase your mood.  The herb is actually a culinary herb used for many centuries as an herbal medicine.  It is a powerful mood enhancer, and it can help you overcome your feelings of loneliness and depression.  Another effect that Marjoram Sweet can bring is a warm, sweet fragrance that helps your aching muscle.  The herb gives muscles a warm feeling that relieves them from the pain of the day’s strenuous work.


Rosemary has long been used to help people relieve themselves from the pressures and stress of the day.  If you suffer from loneliness, the stress and anxiety of the day can make your mental health even worse.  Rosemary is also a powerful way to increase your memory and enable you to deal with the emotional ups and downs of anxiety and depression that stems from loneliness.  Rosemary rejuvenates tired muscles and helps ease the aches and pains from a strenuous day’s work.

Using each of these essential oils will benefit your emotional state and help you deal with the pressures of loneliness.  If you have let the loneliness lead into depression, you will especially want to use the essential oils in aromatherapy to help fight back.  Try using aromatherapy in your home and office to increase your mood and deal with emotional pressure.  You can better your life, and it can help the people around you.  Coping with depression isn’t easy, but it can be managed with essential oils.

Fight Sadness with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Sadness can come from many different avenues into our lives.  Sadness can stem from loss of a loved one, financial loss, job disappointment, or even from stress or worry.  Sadness cuts into the soul and causes our bodies to become ill.  It can cause your body to increase hormones which can adversely affect your immune systems making it weak and inefficient.  To keep sadness away or help with current issues, essential oils in aromatherapy can help you fight away the emotional roots of sadness.

Another complication with sadness is that it can ultimately lead to deep depression.  Depression is a scary place for anyone who has suffered with the disease.  Depression can lead to emotional ups and downs making it hard to stay calm at work, deal with stress, and live a fulfilling life.  Sadness that leads to depression can be helped and maintained with essential oils in aromatherapy.

You can burn aromatherapy in your office or at home to help with sadness.  Burning essential oils in your office especially if you are depressed will greatly increase your mood and help you fight off bad emotions.  Keeping you calm and balanced, essential oils will help you become more productive and even create a better work environment for you.  It can also help you better communicate with coworkers, your bosses, and even help you provide better customer service.

You can also burn essential oils in aromatherapy in your home.  Burning a tiny few drops can greatly enhance your mood and overall health.  Beating sadness is hard to do alone especially if you are a stay at home mom or housewife who spends many hours alone.  By using essential oils you can help cheer your mood and keep calm even during those times when the kids are acting up or taking care of the home becomes difficult during a specific day.  Being on an emotional roller coaster makes the whole day become ruined and your down spiral can show in your face even if you try not to let your kids notice.

The below list of essential oils can greatly help you fight sadness and rid yourself from depression.  It is important to use them when you feel emotions becoming negative.  Even better, use the oils several times a week to help prevent sadness from developing and balancing your emotions throughout the day.  Bergamot and Neroli can greatly enhance your mood and keep you uplifted throughout the day.  You can use them individually as well for their separate positive components, or use them together for an especially powerful mood enhancer.


Bergamot is a powerfully uplifting essential oil that can refresh your spirit and increase your mood.  If you are having negative thoughts and feel like you are feeling depressed or sad, bergamot can help clean your mind from the negative thoughts and help your mood to fight the sadness.  Bergamot is extracted from the peel of a fruit, so it has an understandably citrus smell.  The citrus smell refreshes the mind and helps put you in a better mood which will ultimately eliminate sadness.


Neroli is one of the best essential oils to relax your mind.  It is perfect with bergamot since it can follow up with a relaxing feel after ridding yourself from sadness.  It is also distilled from a flower from the bitter orange tree.  The fragrance helps soothe your mind to help it relax.  It is especially helpful to give you a better night’s sleep.  It rids your mind of anger, sadness, and the irritability of the day.

Using both of these essential oils together will help you battle sadness and depression, and it can also help you get a better night’s sleep.  A better night’s sleep will ultimately make you feel refreshed the following morning which will increase your energy.  Increased energy will boost your mood and keep you happier throughout the day.

How Do I Choose an Essential Oil?

Depending on your needs, you should carefully choose which essential oil is best for you.  Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy or even as a diluted topical cream for different skin breakouts.  Most mood enhancing essential oils are used in aromatherapy for mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety.  If physical uses are the focus of your needs, then using essential oils that help with rashes or acne problems would be more beneficial.  It is important to use the proper essential oil or you may find yourself frustrated from inactivity.

Before choosing an essential oil that is perfect for you, doing research and reading articles related to several essential oils will help you decide.  Some essential oils are better as mood enhancers.  If you suffer from depression or low self esteem, certain essential oils will properly help lift your spirits and increase your mood so that you can be more active during the day.  You can also ask a professional or qualified consultant to help you choose.  A professional can help you choose which essential oil will quickly help your condition with the best efficiency.

After you choose an essential oil it is important to test it prior to using it.  Essential oils should never be applied without testing a small area of the skin.   The oils should also never be used without first diluting the extract.  Essential oils are potent, so using them on the skin without diluting can cause a rash or burn.  Conversely, dilute a small drop in a few milliliters of vegetable oil.  Spread the essential oil cream on a small area of your skin and observe for twenty four hours.  If your skin becomes irritated or red, then you may be allergic to that specific oil.  Use this method even before burning essential oils for aromatherapy.

After checking for allergies, it is time to use the essential oils.  There are several different methods that you can use.  Below is a list of ways to inhale or apply the essential oils for the different therapeutic effects.  It is important to use them the way they are intended for the best benefits.


A diffuser will allow you to inhale the essential oils.  Put a few drops of essential oils into the diffuser with water.  Some essential oils can be used just with the heat, so make sure to read the directions.  A diffuser will evaporate the essential oils into the air, and most come with a timer so that they can be used while sleeping.

Dry Evaporation

Dry evaporation is a more simple way to inhale the essential oils.  You can place a few drops on a cotton swap or tissue and allow it to evaporate into the air.  If you need a quick, strong scent inhale the fragrance directly from the cotton swap.  For a less potent effect, allow the essential oils to evaporate on the tissue or cotton swap and leave it in the general vicinity of where you will remain for about an hour.


Steam is a simple way to inhale the essential oil aroma.  Place a few drops into a steaming bowl of water.  The oils will quickly vaporize into the air.  Place a towel over your head and place your head close to the steam and inhale.  The fresh fragrance of the essential oils will penetrate your senses and help you feel refreshed.

Essential Oils For Pre-Workout Energy And Post Workout Muscle Pain

Essential oils are concentrated plant oils derived from plants, flowers, fruit, bark and other botanicals through a distillation process.

These 100% pure concentrated oils offer therapeutic benefits by way of their scent and through direct application to the body and this practice is called aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Uses In Fitness

If you workout regularly, you may eventually encounter physical and mental challenges which can interfere with your workout routine. Low energy may present as a challenge if your workout routine follows your daily work.

You may also encounter, muscle fatigue, injury, or general inflammation because of your workouts. Aromatherapy offers a low impact non-invasive method to manage these symptoms and others.

Aromatherapy employs several types of delivery systems. Diffusers, vaporizers, body mists, and incense allow the scents of essential oils to permeate the air imparting their mental and emotional benefits to the user.

A few drops the desired essential oil may be placed on a cloth and allowed to evaporate into the air.

• Lavender, sandalwood, and rose geranium are noted for their calming effects.

• The scents of cardamom, cinnamon, citrus, and rosemary combat low energy.

When using essential oils to treat physical problems, the delivery system needs to be appropriate for the type of injury or discomfort and its location.

Ointments, massage oils and bath salts containing essential oils are a few of the methods used to treat the body aromatherapeutically. As with their scents, essential oils’ therapeutic qualities determine which oils are used to treat physical injury or discomfort.

• For example, eucalyptus oil is cooling, black pepper, ginger oils are warming, and lavender soothes muscle aches.

The concentrated nature of essential oils makes it necessary to dilute them in a carrier substance like oils or water. Carrier oils include seed and nut oils like almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba, grapeseed, shea butter or olive oil to name a few.

Pre-Workout Essential Oil Suggestions

Generally speaking, when using essential oils pre-workout, the objectives are to facilitate breathing, circulation and prepare the muscles for prolonged activity.

The following oils may be blended or used alone by combining with water in a spray bottle or a light carrier oil to massage them into the skin and muscles. Always remember to shake your aromatherapy mixture when using water as a carrier. The oils separate from the water and float to the top. Placing most essential oils on the skin directly will burn the skin and they should not be not ingest them.

Improving Respiration and Preparing Muscles for Prolonged Activity


Essential oils that may be used as inhalants to improve respiratory performance and circulation. They may be used individually or mixed together.

• Camphor
• Eucalyptus
• Frankincense
• Peppermint
• Rosemary Oils

How To:

1. Hold the bottle several inches away from the nose and take several deep breaths, between five and six breaths, retaining the last breath for one count.

2. Exhale slowly. Make the exhale a bit longer than the original inhalation.

Using essential oils in this way supports the respiratory system, improving the quality of breath and increasing blood flow in the body. It also improves mental acuity and sensory perceptions.

In Massage Oil

Eucalyptus, thyme and rosemary can be added to approximately 1.7 ounces of a light carrier oil such as almond, canola, olive or grapeseed oil in the following amounts, eight drops of eucalyptus oil, ten drops of thyme and ten drops of rosemary (Caution: epileptics should not use rosemary oil).

How To:

Rub the oil on the arms, buttocks, legs, ankles, feet and lower back prior to your workout. This blend warms the muscles, improves breathing, and enhances mental focus.

Post-Workout Essential Oil Suggestions

After working out, the muscles are fatigued and most likely experiencing some level of inflammation. Essential oils can offset the severity of post workout aches and pains as well as shorten recovery periods.

Many people find relief by soaking in bath salts blended with essential oils; oils may also be directly added to bathwater provided the water is thoroughly agitated before entering. Using specially blended massage oils and ointments then covering the affected area to keep it warm are two other methods recommended to provide muscle therapy post workout.

Shortening Recovery Time and Easing Muscle Discomfort

Several oils known for their warming as well as cooling properties serve well as post workout treatments.

• Lavender, ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, black pepper, and arnica oils soothe joints and muscles post workout.

• Ginger and black pepper oils have a warming effect.

• Peppermint and eucalyptus have a cooling effect.

• Lavender relaxes the muscles and the mind.

• Arnica oil eases aches, pains, and bruising. (Note: Arnica essential oil is extremely toxic and should never be used. Look for premade extractions, like a tincture, or oil infusion to add to your blends) Arnica ointments and gels are widely available at health food and apothecary stores.

Post Workout Massage Oil Rub

A blend of eucalyptus, ginger, and peppermint oils may be added to approximately one ounce of carrier oil. Use the following ratios of essential oils ten drops of ginger, ten drops of peppermint, and ten drops of eucalyptus.

A post workout rub works best following a shower while the skin is damp and the pores are open to aid application and absorption of the oils.

Bottom Line

Essential oils are powerful plant medicines. If you plan to use them, seek out the advice of a qualified aromatherapist and educate yourself regarding their dangers and their uses. Keep in mind any allergies or medical conditions you may have and always dilute essential oils prior to use or use according to an aromatherapists recommendation. There are many pre-made blends available for purchase over the counter.

How Essential Oils are Made

Essential oils are actually extracts from certain plants, trees, and fruits using a technique called distillation.  Since plants contain such a small amount of extract, several pounds of plants are needed to provide a small bottle to consumers.  The essential oils are then refined and distilled and packaged in containers that help maintain the scent and fragrance for a good amount of time.  The following is a list of treatments and extract procedures that produce the essential oils for our use in aromatherapy or creams.

Steam Distillation

Steam distillation is the most popular and the oldest distillation process available.  Old time, traditional aromatherapy professionals believe this method is the best way to produce the most quality extracts.  This system takes dried or fresh plants and places them into a steam chamber.  The steam is put under pressure and then circulated in and out of the plant material.  The heat from the pressurized steam causes the plant’s cellular structure to open and the essential oils pour into a holding container.  This is a delicate method since the heat must be well balanced to open the plant but not too hot causing destruction of the delicate oil.

After the steam and oil are distilled into a container, the steam returns to a liquid while the oil creates a film at the top of the solution.  Both the liquid and the oil are both therapeutic by-products of the process.  The oils can be packaged as pure essential oil extract.  The water still holds a lot of the oil properties, so it is used by cosmetic companies in toners or skin creams.

Cold Pressing

Extracts from fruits such as bergamot, grapefruit, lemon or limes use different forms of processing.  The essential oils are mainly in the fruit’s peel, so they need to be penetrated.  The fruit’s peel is rolled over a large array of sharp objects that cause the peel to burst and the oils extracted.  Then the fruit is squeezed and the juice contained.  Like steam distillation, the essential oils rise to the top of the juices as a film.  They are separated by centrifugations into containers that are packaged to consumers.


This method of extraction is used for flowers or plants that are very delicate.  Some plants are too delicate to withstand the heat from steam distillation.  Enfleurage uses animal fat to absorb the essential oils from the delicate flowers.  As the petals are depleted from their oils, more are placed on the animal fats until it is completely saturated with the extract.  After the fat is saturated, the fat is treated with alcohol which solvates the essential oils.  Once the mixture is contained, the alcohol will evaporate leaving behind the essential oil product.

Solvent Extraction

Solvent extraction is the most efficient and affordable way to separate the extract from the plant.  In this method, a solvent is used to saturate the plant and absorb the oils.  After saturation, it is then treated with alcohol.  Like enfleurage, the alcohol eventually evaporates and it leaves only the essential oils for packaging.  This method is especially useful for more expensive extracts where each plant needs to be squeezed for its extract as much as possible.  Although this method is the most cost efficient, it can leave solvent in the product which can cause side effects.

How to Choose Essential Oils

When you decide to use essential oils to help your mood, stress, or physical illness it is hard to decide from the many available products which one is right for you.  Essential oils come in a variety of scents and fragrances and the different extracts act on different components.  Some help your mental fatigue, others relieve stress, and others can be used as topical creams that help you alleviate scars or acne.

The first thing to consider when choosing an essential oil is to inhale the fragrance.  Some scents are very pungent, others are citrus, and others have a flowery smell.  If any of these scents bother you, then the essential oil will not help with the relaxing effects.  Make sure to be familiar with the fragrance before you make your purchase.  When testing the scent, make sure to keep it a few inches away if it is not diluted.  Undiluted essential oils can give you a headache.

When testing scents, make sure to take a break from the testing.  Do not continually inhale too many fragrances or they will ultimately cause you to get dizzy or give you a headache.   You also may not be able to distinguish between the scents after saturating your senses.

Avoid buying essential oils that do not have a variety of prices.  You may ask why that is important.  Some essential oils are rare and expensive.  If a company is selling essential oils at a consistent price, the chances are that the more expensive oils are not authentic.  They may also have been distilled with cheaper methods that leave some of the by-products in the packaging.

If you are sensitive to oily solvents, then avoid using essential oils that are diluted with vegetable oil.  Although this is a recommended way to dilute the extracts, it leaves an oily residue behind.  To test if an essential oil has been diluted this way, place a tiny drop on a piece of paper.  If it leaves behind a residue as the drop slides off the paper then it has likely been diluted with vegetable oil.

When shopping for bottles, use manufacturers that list the Latin name on the bottle. This leaves no confusion on the actual extract that is contained in the bottle.  Some extracts are closely related to the common names that we know, so they are falsely advertised as the real thing.  Also take note of the country. Some essential oils come from exotic places such as Africa while others are native to France.  This will give you an idea if it is authentic as well.

The best essential oils are pure.  Some companies sell synthetic essential oils which can be dangerous.  The synthetic oils do not contain the therapeutic effects that pure essential oils contain.  Also, the synthetic oils can cause allergies or painful headaches.

Choose pure essential oils over synthetic essential oils. Aromatherapists prefer pure oils, saying that synthetic oils do not have the same therapeutic properties as pure essential oils. Also, synthetic oils are thought to cause more headaches and allergic reactions.

Containers used to keep essential oils should be dark or navy blue.  Clear bottles allow sunlight to enter the oils and they can spoil the extracts more quickly.  Make sure to keep extracts out of sunlight and in a dry, cool place.

Irritability Relief with Essential Oils

Irritability can happen for a number of reasons from negative energy.  Irritability is an emotional issue that escalates from a bad day or even longer.  Some people have the ability to hold in their anger, but sooner or later the emotional irritability caused by negative effects can bubble to the top and cause even the most even tempered person to finally release anger in the form of irritability. 

Irritability stems from a number of issues that occur throughout the day.  Deadlines at work, the pressure of the day’s work, and any other stressful event can cause a person to suffer from irritability.  Using essential oils in aromatherapy can greatly increase your body’s ability to defend and fight back against the emotional negativity of irritability.

Irritability can also stem from home related issues.  Just because you stay at home taking care of kids does not mean you cannot be the subject of irritability issues.  Stay at home moms also suffer from irritability of deadlines, taking care of the kids, and making sure everything in the house hold is perfect.  Although some may not recognize this as a valid cause, irritability can be greatly exacerbated from home caring and child rearing.

Essential oils in aromatherapy can help you resolve your irritability issues and they can help calm you for future work days.  Even as your environment changes, essential oils will help you quell irritability from normal levels that can otherwise cause negative effects.  Once you use essential oils for irritability relief, you will start to notice how your attitude changes.  You may even see how people will respond to you differently once your attitude has changed to a more positive attitude.

Change in living conditions or economic status can also cause irritability.  With poor economic stability, it is hard to hold a positive attitude.  Using essential oils in aromatherapy help you maintain emotional control even when you have legitimate tragedy in your life.  Although tragedy should be nurtured emotionally, it can be a base cause for irritability in your life by taking it out on your family and friends.  The aroma from essential oils can help calm your nerves and bring you a positive attitude even on the low days.

The following essential oils are the perfect way to release stress and bring calm to your irritability.  Chamomile, lavender, and neroli are the three primary essential oils that bring calm to your body and mind.  Although they can be used separately, combine them for an ultimately potent mix of powerful oils that will remove your irritability almost instantly.

Chamomile Maroc

Chamomile maroc is a soothing and relaxing essential oil.  It is the first step in removing the negative effects of the day.  The essential oil is a great way to control your anger and keep your emotional system at a defined balance.  The irritation from the day will seem to disappear as this scent soothes your head and mind.

Lavender French

Lavender French is a popular essential oil to help rejuvenated your otherwise bruised emotional mind.  The essential oil comes from Europe, but it is mostly cultivated from France.  It has been well known to have therapeutic effects that can help increase health and increase your energy.  By removing the tension from your muscles and mind, you can limit the effects of irritability.


The Neroli essential oil in combination with the others will follow up their tension release with a relaxing feeling.  It is derived from the bitter orange tree and distilled into a rejuvenating essential oil.  The relaxing effects dispel anger and help to lift your mood from the negative effects from the day.

For each of these essential oils, their effects are revitalizing even without the combination of the others.  However, using them in combination can create a potent effect to help you deal with emotional issues and remove the irritability that can bring more stress into your life.

Put Yourself in a Better Mood

Your mood can determine how you deal with stress, complicate your health, and help you deal with the daily pressures of the work week.  Using essential oils is a great way to uplift your mood and put you in good spirits throughout the day.  Not only will your mood become increasingly better, but your energy levels will increase as well.  The natural fragrances given off by essential oils helps your body use its natural defenses against loss of energy and bad health.  Overall, enhancing your mood through essential oils is a healthy way to increase your mood while bettering your health.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy techniques can also be a preventive against the stress and low energy that ultimately harms your health.  Even if you don’t expect to have a bad day, using essential oils will help you maintain and uplifted mood when the day starts to go sour.  This is especially useful in the office when the day can start out good and slowly become stressful and demanding.  A better mood can make you more productive and customer service oriented within the office when your mood starts to drop.  Essential oils can help pull you out of a controversial situation by helping you think more clearly while in the office.

Essential oils are also useful in the home for stay at home moms or dads.  Using the essential oils in your home is safe for the kids, and it can help you cope with a hectic schedule. If you find yourself losing your emotional control, use essential oils in aromatherapy to help uplift your mood and stay calm while watching your children.  The aromatic scents help you control your mood, keep yourself positive, and it can even improve your concentration.

Whether you are at work or at home, using the following essential oils will greatly increase your mood and help you sustain a positive attitude even during the bad days.  A positive attitude can increase your health and allow you to eliminate stress from your body.  Using essential oils such as grapefruit, bergamot, and geranium can greatly enhance your mood and internal energy levels.  The following essential oils can be used individually, but used in combination they provide a powerful way to enhance your mood and keep your spirits high.


Everyone is familiar with that freshly peeled smell of a ripe grapefruit.  The citrus scent immediately makes you feel refreshed and it feels that energy levels instantly rise.  The aroma is tangy and brings back an invigorating feeling that happens when your mood quickly becomes better and your spirit is uplifted.


Bergamot is an exotic plant extract that is energizing and has an antiseptic for your mind quality.  It stimulates your senses and it even helps balance your emotions while increasing your mood.  The bergamot aroma is taken from the fruit’s peeled layer, and it used to be used in colognes.  The bergamot aroma can be used separately, but it blends well with most other essential oils.


Geranium is a balancing plant that helps stabilize your mood and makes you feel spiritually healthier.  When you allow stress to enter your life, you can start to have a roller coaster of emotions that can affect your health and it affects the people around you.  Geranium essential oils can help stabilize these emotional up and down issues with its flowery sent.

You can use each of these scents, grapefruit, bergamot, and geranium, individually for their unique emotionally uplifting qualities.  Individually, they are powerful essential oils that should be a part of your day whether you stay at home or if you have a busy day at the office.  Essential oils in aromatherapy should be a common use especially if you feel your mood is emotionally unstable.  Using essential oils can help you handle the daily stress at work or at home.

Use Essential Oils to Stop Panic Attacks

If you suffer from panic attacks, then you will understand the desperate attempts to rid yourself of the nasty attacks.   Most people rush to a psychiatrist to obtain medicine such as anti-depressants or benzodiazepines to counter act the effects of panic attacks. Both these pharmaceuticals may work, but as most people know drugs can come with some severe side effects.  Essential oils can help maintain a level of calm, reduce the chance of panic attacks, and give you a healthy and natural way to fight panic attacks.

Using essential oils can calm your nerves and help you fight off panic attacks.  Although you can use the oils for aromatherapy during an attack, it is more advantageous to use them prior before having an attack.  Using essential oils is a preventative method to help keep the panic attacks at bay and bringing you peace throughout your day.  Aromatherapy is a safe and effective way to help keep panic attacks from flaring before they actually happen.

For those who don’t know what exactly a panic attack entails, it is a process where you emotions take over your mental state.  You react, panic, and fall into a stage of ultimate panic.  You overreact and your body compensates with its adrenal system by releasing adrenaline.   Adrenaline is responsible for the muscle tension and increase in heart rate.  Your breathing becomes quick and shallow and your body falls into a state of “fight or flight” state as if you have been faced with danger.

If you are susceptible to panic attacks, you can use the essential oils in aromatherapy in your office, in your home, or even as a mild cologne or perfume to help keep the aroma available throughout the day.  In the office it will help you deal with the stressful actions that could otherwise trigger a panic attack.  At home, essential oils in aromatherapy can help you relax from a hard day of taking care of kids, and it can help you relax when coming home from work.

The following list of essential oils are extremely effective ways to help fight off panic attacks.  You can use them individually for their separate effects, or for the ultimate effect combine them to help eliminate, control, and calm panic attacks when they happen.  The combination of Frankincense, Lavender, Neroli and Ylang Ylang can help you fight panic attacks naturally and without the use of harmful drugs.


Frankincense is a major essential oil that is involved with balancing and relaxing your mind and spirit.  The exotic plant is found in Africa as a bush with a beautiful fragrance.  It is often recognized from religious stories since it has be a prominently soothing plant for many centuries.  The deeply relaxing herb is essential for improving your state of mind and relaxing your body.

Lavender French

Lavender French is cultivated in Europe as a powerful essential oil that soothes your mind, relaxes your spirit, and it even plays as a mild antiseptic.  It is a popular, soft and mild scent that has a flowery aura.  It can help ease your sore aches and pains in the muscles and it can reduce the head tension from a hard day’s work.


Neroli is a distilled oil from the bitter orange tree.  The fragrance is meant to relax you mind and restore energy levels to proper levels.  It can help relieve your soul from anger and irritability and it keeps you from allowing emotions to flare.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a sensual oil that can follow up from the other oils to help finalize your relaxation.  It is an exotic aroma that uplifts your spirits and brings peace to your busy mind.  It also helps put you in a romantic mood and uplifts your overall outlook on life.

Use these essential oils alone or in combination and you can surely eliminate outbreaks of panic attacks.