Five Fantastic Starter Ingredients For a Great Family Tree

When you finally make plans to get an account on a family tree website, you’ll need to have five basic elements in place to help you branch out in the right direction.  As your genealogy efforts take root, your family tree will grow at a more rapid rate when others contribute their knowledge.

The first thing you want to include when building a page on a family tree website is some basic information about your family name.  You can tell where you are now, what information you know to be true, and what stories are just speculation.

Second, you want to include pictures for your family tree website.  They can be of you and your immediate family, close relatives, deceased family members, and ancestors you believe were a part of your family but aren’t yet sure about.

The third thing you want to include on your family tree website is a little bit of information about each family member.  It’s okay to start with just a name, but distant relatives will want to learn more – like what career path they chose, how many children they had, or major accomplishments they gained in life.

This kind of detailed information helps make your family tree website more than just a static page of dates and names.  It makes it an interesting gathering place for people who could possibly be your kinfolk.

Fourth on your list of must-have ingredients for a family tree website is information you’re still seeking.  What gaps are left in your research that you’re hoping someone else can fulfill?

Do you need contact information or to flesh out the dates and times events took place in your family’s history?  Broadcasting it on a family tree website can help others know what they need to do to pitch in.

Last on your getting started list for the family tree website should be to include a directory of family members.  Gather the names, ages, and phone numbers of relatives that don’t mind having their information within the account and assure them that you’re guarding their information from the general public if you’re managing the site yourself.

Consider the building of your family tree website a potluck reunion of treasured relatives you haven’t seen in years (or ever)!  Allow everyone to contribute to the mix and you’ll soon find your genealogical research overflowing with valuable information that you can share with your own heirs one day.

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