Focus Your Mind With 10 Keys To Success

Courage. Heart. Acumen. Accountability. All incredibly valuable traits, and all necessary for the success mindset.

Whether you wish to experience serious changes, or you’re looking to fine tune, here are 6 tips to set your mind towards success.

1. Redefine Accountability

For some, the mere mention of accountability results in a shudder. There are negative views of accountability, and perhaps the dictionary definition will only serve to reinforce that view.

Life, and business, will often thrust us into circumstances that are beyond our control. Your success doesn’t need to rest in the hands of others. If you rely on others to save you, you are paralyzed in a world of victimization.

You struggle to think creatively, clearly, or quickly. Instead, you should be taking charge of your circumstances, whatever those may be.

You shouldn’t feel that being true to your goals, and yourself, is a chore.

Accountability is your gift to yourself. It is a mindset that you have set and accepted voluntarily, one that will ensure your success and not something that you have to shove down your own throat.

2. Plan Your Success

With every dream, must come a plan. If you desire success, understand that it won’t just happen.

You need to actually sit down regularly and work out the strategy you will require to achieve that success. Consider every detail, every step that will lead you to success.

You must also accept that those plans may need to change from time to time and altered to fit in with reality, this should not be viewed as failure, but as a smart strategy to reach goals.

3. Believe In Your Success

Having giant dreams is tremendous, and your dream of success may seem as though it is beyond what you are capable of, but you must believe in the dream. Heart is key for true success.

If you don’t believe that you can attain that success, then how will you stay motivated?

4. Set Realistic Dreams

The goals of success and working towards a dream must be set in some basis of reality. Ask yourself, is the success truly achievable? Can it be done? This goes beyond believing, it goes to reality, if your dream is to prove the sky is purple, how realistic is that?

Here’s an excellent example!

A person without any education beyond high school has a dream that they can build a multi-million-dollar company. That’s a huge dream, but it’s believable, it’s happened before.

Now, here’s a terrible example.

A man of 95 who suffers with arthritis and asthma has plans to run a marathon in less than three hours. That’s an immense dream, but also an impossible one!

5. Be Patient

Instant gratification is rarely an element of real success. Real success takes time, and effort and this requires real patience.

6. Don’t Allow Circumstances To Control You

As mentioned above life can throw all types of circumstances at us. This can leave us feeling victimized by the circumstances or shortcomings that we believe we don’t have the strength to change on our own. This results in people living below their potential.

We look to others that can solve all of our problems for us, but we cannot let our circumstances define us, what we do or who we are, we have a lot more power than that.

7. Ask For & Accept Feedback

Asking for the advice, thus criticism, of others is a wonderful way to create and instill accountability. An important aspect of getting feedback is convincing people that you need honest feedback.

Whether you’re asking your friend, significant other, mentor, or a colleague for feedback, let them know they’re not going to suffer any ramifications if they are completely honest with you. Moreover, if you can find a way for the feedback to be anonymous then do so, then you’ll know you’re guaranteed honesty.

You’ll learn how to determine which feedback is helpful, and which should be disregarded. No matter what you hear, accept it, process it, and learn how best to apply it.

8. Courage

Taking risks requires courage, and courage is needed to achieve success. Be brave, be bold, and reach for success as if your life depends on it.

9. Work For It

You’re certainly not going to succeed by sitting on the couch watching Netflix, so the only way you’re going to succeed is by taking all of those tips above and applying them.

Those who achieve success work for it and you should work towards that success every single day.

10. Perfect Your Decision Making Skills

The ability to make decisions is key to success. You are the master of your own life and your dreams, and decisions you make drive your goals, successes, and dreams.
Spend some time regularly evaluating your decisions to ascertain whether they support your goals, or take you further from them.