Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Dirty Keto Becoming More Popular

Diets are the most important part of any weight loss program. No matter how much you exercise, bad eating habits will stop you from losing any significant weight. The problem is, if you have bad eating habits, switching over to a diet can be pretty difficult.

All of a sudden, you’ve cut out almost everything you used to eat and replaced it with things you don’t normally eat, which can confuse your body. This can make it really difficult to keep up with your weight loss program for a long period of time.

One simple solution is dirty keto. Ketogenic diets involve cutting down your carbs to almost nothing so that your body enters a state of ketosis, which is where your body burns fats for energy instead of carbs.

This diet is great in short bursts for quick weight loss, but it’s not meant to be kept going for long. It can be difficult to start this diet in the first place, though, because a vast majority of most people’s diets involves carbs.

What sets dirty keto apart from any other kind of keto diet is that it still allows you to eat more comfort food, which makes transitioning into that diet a lot easier. While it still cuts out certain things like sweets that are always high carb, it still allows certain foods like fast food with a few small tweaks.

For example, under a traditional keto diet you could never get something like a fast food cheeseburger, because it’s too high in carbs. However, you can get around that with dirty keto.

Instead, you’d get a burger and replace the bun with something like a lettuce wrap, reducing the amount of carbs while still allowing you to eat something that you enjoy. There have been a few issues raised concerning the dirty keto diet.

For one, it shouldn’t be used for extended periods of time. While your body can use fats as a source of energy and that will help you burn fat, it can’t run off of that forever, so you need to have rest periods in which you do consume a normal amount of carbs.

Dirty keto is best used as a transitional diet to help get you used to keto. It shouldn’t be used for too long at any given time, but it can certainly help with short bursts of weight loss.

This type of keto diet is great for people who have fast food addictions but need to get their body used to having very few carbs. If you don’t have a problem cutting sweets and breads out of your diet, then you might be just fine doing a simple keto plan that doesn’t involve dirty eating.

Is Keto Giving Carbs a Bad Name?

Picking out your diet plan can be difficult, especially if you’re new to it. There are a ton of premade options out there that all promise the best results that will get you slim in an incredibly short amount of time, usually by removing certain foods or nutrients from the things you can eat.

One of the most popular diets to arise lately has been ketosis, or simply keto. Keto diets involve removing all or most of the carbs from your diet, leaving you with fats and proteins as your only remaining nutrients.

The reason behind this is that people preaching about ketosis claim that carbs are what leads to excessive fat buildup. However, this isn’t necessarily true. First, we have to look at what carbs actually are.

At their most basic level, they’re typically sugars like glucose, sucrose, or fructose. Our bodies use these by breaking them down, which produces ATP, our primary energy source.

In short, carbs are what fuels our body. The problem with carbs that ketosis aims to fix is that when there are too many carbs, they don’t get turning into energy, but rather converted into fatty buildups.

This why it isn’t good to eat a lot of sugary foods, and why they can lead to you gaining weight. However, completely eliminating all carbs from your diet isn’t the solution to losing weight for some people.

The real problem with carbs depends on where your carbs are coming from. While it’s true that you’ll get a lot of carbs from drinking soda and eating sweets, you’ll also get a lot of carbs from eating fruit.

The difference is that certain products contain such excessive carbs that regularly eating or drinking them will overload you with carbs. So instead of cutting out any food because you see carbs in it, just chose your sources a little more carefully.

Most people today could certainly use a cutback on their carb intake, but when people try to go into ketosis, they may just take it a bit too far for their personal nutritional needs.

Your body needs carbs to function, and if you cut out too much too quickly, you’ll notice yourself becoming tired very easily – when something known as the keto flu kicks in. Carbs are not your enemy or the absolute source of all your weight problems, so don’t go cold turkey on them. Instead, cut out unhealthy foods that contain excessive amounts of carbs and calories, which are much more likely to be contributing to the issue you’re facing.