Make Your Online Family Tree Site Flourish

Whether you’re new to genealogical research or you’re a seasoned veteran at tracing your family roots, you’ll be glad to know that sites are continually developing new features and tools you can use to make growing your family tree a little easier – and a lot more fun!

Remember the days when you had to trace your family tree in elementary school, maybe going back as far as your great-grandmother and grandfather?  You can throw away those Big Chief notepads because family tree websites are taking genealogy high-tech, but so simple a second-grader could use the tools.

Instead of a tree with branches and names, you can trace your roots on a family tree website using features like ahnentafel reports where you can see your roots listed in a generational pattern.

Or, populate your family tree website with ancestor charts to give a visual outlook on which relatives descended from whom.  More visual tools include online photograph albums or charts that can be laid out chronologically.

Advanced tools can let you share who’s in the picture, and how the two are related within the family tree.  No more writing on the backs of pictures and paying for expensive copies to be mailed out!

Instead of having to start from scratch if an error is made or an update needs to be added, when you use a family tree website as opposed to a paper recording, you can quickly and easily edit your recordings to reflect new findings.

Plus, you can usually customize the look and feel of your online family tree home.  It usually requires no programming knowledge – just the ability to click and choose which backgrounds and designs you prefer.

In an age where families are spread out and no longer living in the same communities, family tree websites are enabling loved ones to stay connected or to unite with other relatives they previously didn’t know existed.

Make sure that before you invest in your genealogical quest, you take time to figure out which tool you like best that will serve the purpose of providing a home to your family’s detailed history.

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