Online Fiction Book Publishing Entering World of Marketing

Digital technology is in the forefront of every marketing venture these days, including publishing. If you have a work of fiction that you’d like to see published, print on demand (POD) is certainly worth you time and effort to consider as a viable option to traditional publishing.

Print on demand makes it possible for a complete book to be printed and bound in an extremely short amount of time. The traditional method of printing and binding thousands of books promotes waste and isn’t very cost-effective.

If you’re considering the POD method to self-publish your fiction book, there are many online publishing service sites that will help you market your book. They’ll also print and bind the book per each order and provide listings in online bookstores.

These online service providers will charge a fee for handling your fiction book. Their services do not include mastering, formatting or editing – although they will usually run a spell check on your document.

As a first time author, POD can be the answer to publishing your initial work of fiction. You don’t have to contract with a publishing company and wait for an editor to review and pass approval on your work.

Print on demand has become especially popular in academic circles to avoid the high expense of producing and storing a large print run of books. POD is also becoming more accepted with fiction and non-fiction circles as a way to get their books out fast and for little cost.

There are a few differences in POD and “self-publishing services.” For example, traditional self-publishing gives the writer control over all facets of the publishing process, including cover art and pricing. If you choose POD, you’re limited to the publisher’s offering of services.

If you’re thinking about the print on demand route to publishing your work of fiction, visit some of the most popular POD online sites to see what they offer. They include, BookSurge, iUniverse, Xlibris and Blurb.

You should definitely consider the POD method of publishing your fiction if you simply don’t want the hassle of going through the submission process of commercial publishers. And, if you’ve tried the “normal” route with no success, POD may be the best option to catapult your work of art for the world to read.

The Profit Potential of Fiction Book Publishing

Most fictions writers know that the chance of becoming a multi-millionaire from publishing a book has about as much likelihood of happening as winning the lottery. The success of writers such as Tom Clancy rarely happens.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to realize true monetary success from having a work of fiction published by a major publishing house. That’s why self-publishing endeavors (such as print-on-demand) have become so appealing to authors.

If a book of fiction is published through the traditional publishing house, an author can expect an advance in payment based on what the “experts” anticipate the earnings of the book will be. Advances can vary from a few thousand dollars to into the millions of dollars if you’re the caliber of a Tom Clancy.

When the check is issued, it’s the author’s to keep, no matter how many sales of the book may occur. The publisher then subtracts the monetary advance issued to the writer from the royalties the book earns.

Royalties are based on a percentage (usually between 4% and 8%). After the advance is subtracted from future royalties, the author will begin to receive a royalty percentage on every sale of the book.

Most writers are happy if they receive a total of $50,000 on their first book. Depending on how the first book sells, it may be easier to negotiate your next one with a publisher.

If a book of fiction is published using the POD method, the author will receive profits based on a per sale basis. A larger amount of profits occurs if the sales are generated from the POD service’s web site. The author can also purchase a number of the books from the web site and market them himself.

Another way to profit from publishing fiction is to sell it as an ebook online. The profit received is 100%, but the author must have knowledge about how to generate sales for the book online.

There are several downloadable programs that you can access to learn about the ebook business. Selling books online is becoming an increasingly popular way to self-publish all types of writing.

Research all methods of self-publishing and then decide which would be the best way for you to see your fiction in print. There is no lack of information both online and in informative books that can help you in your venture.

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