Passion and Purpose: What Drives You Now?

Before we talk about finding what drives you, it’s time to paint a picture.

You have had a restless evening, tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep. You walk through the door at work and you feel exhausted, you’ve been worrying about a meeting, proposal, asking for a raise, seeing your boss, or any number of other issues that create anxiety.

You sit at your desk and open your email, your inbox is overflowing, telling you your mailbox is almost full. You can feel your pulse quickening, and your anxiety is growing.

You briefly imagine what it would feel like to use the vacation days you’re owed, or to have a job that provides you with respect, offers flexibility, and empowers you.

Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy the thought for long, because you have a conference call that is due to start. You read as many emails as possible in the time you have left and feel overwhelmed, as your body aches with fatigue. You look at the clock. It’s barely 8:30 o’clock in the morning.

If this sounds familiar, then you are suffering from work sickness. Work sickness stems from working without engagement or passion, you have been infected by fears regarding money, and job security.

The infection drives angst about being unable to afford the things you truly want in life, and suddenly it’s your mission to earn more, but you have no passion for the process.

You’re staring down the barrel of a big meeting, or presenting a massive proposal, but just thinking about getting there has left you feeling drained. Then you have a run in with a colleague, which leaves you angry.

All you want to do is run away, but your inbox numbers are growing and as you attempt to tread water, you feel yourself being sucked under.

We work longer hours, we work harder, and have less time for fun, and neglect the reason we were striving for success! When our daily actions stem from fear, it has a negative impact on your mind, and your body.

It creates a disruption in balance, and saps your energy and creativity. It prevents you from pursuing your true passion. It can result in low morale, poor productivity, and even in how you interact with others. It robs us of time AND it robs us of happiness.

Your environment is toxic, yet, you can’t shake the feeling that you want to devote your time to something you’re passionate about. If you want to find your purpose, you must confront your fear.

Without purpose, we are susceptible to careers that are going nowhere, but drive anxiety and misery.

Would it surprise you to learn that those who fulfill their purpose actually LOVE what they do, even if for example they work 12 hours a day?

4 Steps To Finding Purpose And Fulfilling Passion

Follow these steps to find your passion and live with purpose:

Dig Deep

Stop creating conclusions, and start asking questions. The only way to grow and expand is by asking questions. Creating conclusions simply results in a dead end. So, ask yourself what is possible, whether you’d love it, what you’re thinking about it, and perhaps more simply- why?

Map It Out

Build a passion plan, and within your plan include three lists. Those three lists should be companies that have attracted your interest, job descriptions that you are truly interested in, and then the specific functions from those job descriptions that you would enjoy. Now, once you have created the list, determine what training you might need, where to look, what companies you should contact, and what type of people you can add to your network.

The 40/20

Plan your time so that you spend 40 hours a week working, and dedicate 20 hours outside of work to:

• Building your passion plan
• Developing your brand (whether this is your resume or LinkedIn profile, etc.)
• Networking

The Big Picture

Identity the patterns in your life and what they have prepared you for. What do other people come to you to ask advice for, and what comes easily to you but may be a struggle for others.

Perhaps, most importantly, make life about being true to who you are.