Quiet Time! A Older Woman’s Best Friend

Ahh, good times with friends and family, that’s what life is all about right? Definitely. Science has shown that people who live the longest, healthiest lives have an extended support network of families and friends around them. This is proven.

However, is this to say that as an older woman, some time spent alone has no positive merits? Not all at. In fact, the best cocktail for healthy again involves ample opportunity of both, milking the best of both worlds.

Not convinced how some quiet time can quickly become your best friend? You will be after reading this.

Regain Direction

Has your memory waned any in the past few years? If you’re like millions of the women over 50, some amount of memory loss sets in, affecting from the tiniest of daily tasks or sometimes more serious issues. However, a little quiet time can go a long way. A few years ago, it was found that the brain is not by design, able to “multi-task” to high efficiency.

As a woman, you would have encountered numerous multi-tasking sessions, which push your working memory to the brink. As you age, the brain becomes less able to handle the frequent back and forth of processing, and forgetfulness ensues. For example, instead of heading to the kitchen for that item, you stop to do something else first, and forgot you needed to go to the kitchen altogether!

A little quiet time, as little as 5 minutes, before starting the hectic day can help you mentally plan the important tasks for the day. The brain also forms stronger short-term memories in quiet.

You Feel Relaxed And Refreshed

Do you ever feel the need to take a break in the middle of the day, not necessarily physically, but just to give your mind a rest? Take it. The brain and heart work from birth to the day we die, so can you imagine the amount of vacation time those fellas accumulate?

A short break of 5-15 minutes taken after lunch can make you feel refreshed and stress free. Even better? Take a power nap. This little period of quiet time gets your brain primed and ready for action once more.

Improves Mindfulness

Do you sometimes feel that people are blissfully unaware or insensitive of the way they are? Mindfulness could greatly improve this. Mindfulness is classified as a type of meditation, involving focusing conscious effort onto yourself, being aware of the way you feel and focusing on the now.

This type of meditation can definitely reduce anxiety related stress, and make you a better person by acknowledging things as they happen but always moving on.

Creativity Flows

Writers and other creative people inevitably face a period of time known as a “block.” During this time, it becomes hard to organize thoughts and convey accordingly. Sometimes, taking a step back, and letting your mind roam free is the way to go.

Think of it as daytime dreaming; your brain is active on levels beyond normal and vivid realizations come your way, all this from some good quiet time.

Relish Memories And Future Dreams

Do you ever find yourself sitting, and brimming from ear to ear with the joy of old memories? Yes, this is one of the best things about some quiet time. Not only looking at the past, but by desiring a future goal, motivation is increased and you are inclined to make positive changes.


Sometimes, alone time is the best time. Friends and family can never be replaced, but nobody can take better care, and know you better, than you. Quiet time allows us the opportunity to put thoughts in order, get our goals aligned and help the brain function at its peak efficiency.

You’ve got tons of things to do still, right?