Saving Money on Unique Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank 

Giving a gift is a way of saying I love you and you’re special. It can be a distinctive thank you for just being you.  Whatever the reason, the act of giving is something we all enjoy even though times are tough and maybe your budget is stretched to the limit.  What can you do to make gift giving more affordable and still give with pride?  Let’s take a look at some of the ways.

Personalized homemade gifts are some of the best.  These depend somewhat on your particular talent but others can be made with just a little creativity and imagination.  Ideas could range from something you’ve sewn or knitted such as scarves or sweaters.  Handcrafted jewelry or wood art would be a special gift of your talent.

Frame a picture of your family or the recipient.  Frames aren’t that hard to make or buy an inexpensive frame and personalize it with your own handiwork by adding shells, brass corners or names.  A personalized gift with someone’s name is always appreciated.

Calendars can be made from photos taken throughout the year.  These are easy and fairly inexpensive to make online.  You make it more personal by adding special dates and names such as birthdays and anniversaries.  This is a gift that gives all year.

Books can be real treasures for a lifetime.  Hard cover books are best but soft covers can be made special with an autograph of the author or a personal hand written note from you.  Include a bookmark with the person’s name.

Food dishes you’ve cooked yourself are wonderful gifts.  Prepare whatever is your specialty such as jellies, breads, candies or cookies.  Make is personal with a label that says “From the Kitchen of…”  Decorate it with a colorful bow or ribbon and include the recipe.

Plants you grow yourself can be an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift.  A small colorful plant is probably best and can be placed in a pretty container with a ribbon.  Include a note on how to care for the plant. If you don’t have a green thumb, silk flowers would be appropriate and can look almost real.

A magazine subscription keeps giving every month.  They’ll think of you each time they receive a copy and be reminded of your thoughtfulness.  Many schools sell magazine subscriptions as a fund raiser giving you an opportunity to do two good deeds.

Gifts for or from the computer are perfect these days.  Use your computer to create personalized address labels or greeting cards.  It’s easy to put names on them.  Computer software games can also be given or tutorials on various hobbies and projects. Personalized gifts given with thoughtfulness and care are for all ages and worth far more than a hurried purchase just to fulfill your obligation regardless of the cost.

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