Try Social Networking Versus Advertising on Twitter Network


Twitter is a social networking site that’s popular around the world. What’s unique about it is that users can post Tweets or short messages of less than 140 characters. Users can ‘follow’ brands and marketers that they like to see these updates. One of the benefits of using Twitter is that information can be Tweeted in real time, meaning you can share the latest news about what’s happening in your niche right now. Ads or Networking – Which Works Better? Many marketers wonder what the difference is between advertising and social networking on Twitter. The simple answer is that advertising …

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Pay For Exposure to Other People’s Website Audiences

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In addition to your free efforts to build your list, you have paid options. Buying exposure to your opt in offers is a great way to build your list, but it’s certainly not guaranteed. You definitely have the guarantee of exposure when you pay for the ad space, because the seller will have to show your ad to a certain number of people. But that doesn’t mean they’ll act on it. You want to watch your budget carefully and never assume you’ll make back your money right off the bat. Plan for both success and failure so that if you …

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