What Are The Strategies For Sound Early Reading?


What Are the Best Early Reading Strategies? Has your child been showing an increasing interest in reading? Want to know the best early reading strategies to give her a head start on school? Here’s an outline of the very best – and easiest – early reading strategies that you can use to help your child start building the foundation they need to start reading, giving them a head start on their education and development. One of the best early reading strategies you can practice with your child is to read with them and as you repeat the words, follow along …

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Bolster Your Child’s Reading Confidence With Excitement

Reading Kids

Try These Early Reading Activities to Bolster Your Child’s Reading Confidence Many parents are looking for activities that will help to boost a child’s early reading skills. Here are the top three favorite early reading activities which will not only help you build your child’s early reading skills, but will also help you build his confidence. Each of the following early reading activities should be done together with your child, and can be made even more effective by involving your entire family. Create Picture-Text Flashcards Together One of the most important things about reinforcing your child’s early reading skills is …

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How To Get Your Child To Read Exceptionally Early


How to Raise an Early Reader Every parent wants the best start for their children in this life – whether it’s in what we’re able to give them that we didn’t have, or even the type of education they receive. This is also true for the start we give them when it comes to reading. Studies have proven that children who learn to read at an earlier age have an easier time in school, and are twice as likely to complete levels of higher education than those who struggle to learn at a later age. Here are some of the best …

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Your Child’s Early Reading Potential Assessment


Assessing Your Child’s Early Reading Potential Think your child may be getting ready to start reading? A child who gets a head start on reading has a greater chance of excelling in school, as well as a greater probability of finishing college, versus children who learn to read at a later age. There are a number of ways to assess your child’s readiness and their early reading potential. Does He or She Pretend to Read? One of the first things a child will do when they have reached an age where they’re ready to begin reading is to pretend to …

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