Self-Publishing – A Way To Publish and Market Your Fiction

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Every aspiring author who has struggled to have their work accepted by an agent or a publishing house – only to have collected enough rejection slips to paper a wall – turns to thoughts of self-publishing. If you’re thinking of publishing your own fiction, you owe it to yourself to find out everything you can about the self-publishing business. Besides the vanity presses, there is now print-on-demand (POD) that has emerged as a viable competitor in the self-publishing business. Another element of publishing your fiction is knowing how to market it. Knowing how can mean the difference in selling a …

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Online Fiction Book Publishing Entering World of Marketing

online fiction book publishing

Digital technology is in the forefront of every marketing venture these days, including publishing. If you have a work of fiction that you’d like to see published, print on demand (POD) is certainly worth you time and effort to consider as a viable option to traditional publishing. Print on demand makes it possible for a complete book to be printed and bound in an extremely short amount of time. The traditional method of printing and binding thousands of books promotes waste and isn’t very cost-effective. If you’re considering the POD method to self-publish your fiction book, there are many online …

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