Saving Money on Unique Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank 


Giving a gift is a way of saying I love you and you’re special. It can be a distinctive thank you for just being you.  Whatever the reason, the act of giving is something we all enjoy even though times are tough and maybe your budget is stretched to the limit.  What can you do to make gift giving more affordable and still give with pride?  Let’s take a look at some of the ways. Personalized homemade gifts are some of the best.  These depend somewhat on your particular talent but others can be made with just a little creativity …

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Many ways to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

It comes in the mail all too often.  A large pristine white envelope hand addressed to you.  The calligraphy is beautiful.  You don’t have to open it to know what it is.  It’s another wedding invitation to go with several others you’ve already received.  Some of these people you barely know. You know it means buying a gift and money is already in short supply.  Where can you find a cheap wedding gift and not look cheap?  How much should you spend?  If you’re invited to one of the wedding dinners a good rule of thumb is to spend about …

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Give a Homemade Gift Basket to Save Costs

Gifts of US Dollars

Gift baskets can be made for every occasion and every person.  They can be costly to make or buy but with a little planning and creativity you can craft the perfect gift even if that person has everything. When you personalize a gift it says a lot about you.  It says you cared enough to put love and effort into creating something for someone who’s important to you.  And that special someone will be impressed. Sure you can buy gift baskets from a professional and spend any amount you want.  They look good and come in a variety of themes …

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Save Money on Your Favorite Christmas Gift

Christmas Gifts Savings

There’s no doubt we spend a lot of money at Christmas time.  As a matter of fact, a quarter of all personal spending in the United States is done during the holiday season.  As families grow so does the gift list and our Christmas budget can get out of hand.  But, there are ways to save and cut back on your gift giving without looking like a scrooge. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.  We should be celebrating the real meaning of the season.  Right?  Well, that’s a hard sell at times to children but with creative planning coupled with …

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