Staying on the Health Track With Checklists and Worksheets

Health Track

Use this checklist so that you can stay on the health track without falling off or to help you get back on the wagon if you do fall off. Celebrate Your Achievements Is your reward healthy? It might help to set up the award in advance so that you don’t run off and do something unhealthy. Examples of Healthy Rewards Clothing Makeover Healthy Meal Prepared by a Healthy Personal Chef A Massage A Makeover New Exercise Equipment Set New Goals Your goals should be specific and related to a healthy lifestyle which can also mean emotionally and mentally and not …

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Checklist and Worksheets: Setting Your Health and Body Goals

Health Goals

Setting Your Health and Body Goals Checklist Use this handy checklist to help you set your health and body goals. Accessing Where You Are I’ve assessed my health and know where I am starting from so I can track my success. I have tools, apps and resources to help me keep track of my progress. I have spoken to my doctor or another health professional about my ideas and have been given the okay to begin. Deciding Where You Want to Be I’ve selected my overall goal. It is achievable and realistic. I’ve broken my large goal into sub-sections with …

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Part of Your Every Day Life Checklist and Worksheet for Eating


Making Eating Healthy a Part of Your Every Day Life Checklist Eating healthy isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be. Use this checklist to help you make healthy eating part of your everyday life.  Prepare Your Own Meals Preparing healthy meals isn’t difficult and it doesn’t take a long time to do. The key is to make good choices on a meal-by-meal and a daily basis. Planning how you want to handle meal preparation is a great start to a healthy eating habit. I take these steps and consider these options to help me prepare everyday meals: …

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