Saving Money With Unusual Gifts to Create and Purchase

savings gift bag with money

Giving a gift is a very generous and thoughtful thing to do.  It tangibly shows the giftee that you care enough to make or purchase something with only that person in mind.  This is more difficult to do for some people than others, especially if you must be cost conscious. You can become tired of giving the same old expected gifts and getting the same old predictable response.  It may be time to get resourceful and begin thinking outside the gift box.  With a little creativity and maybe a little work you can come up with gifts that go beyond …

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Seven Entertaining Family Fun Nights That Cost Little Money 


  Entertaining the family doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  You can save those to buy gasoline.  There are numerous ways for the family to have fun, be together and spend little if any money.  Be resourceful, creative, keep an open mind and a fun heart.  After all, nothing’s better than laughing with your family and laughs are free. Celebrate a holiday even if it’s not a holiday. Check the calendar and online for many unusual holidays on which to peg your celebration. For instance, there’s a National Watermelon Day.  Celebrate by gathering the family in the …

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