Hypermiling – What is it? Does it Help The Consumer Save Gas?


Wayne Gerdes is credited with creating the term “hypermiling” as a conscious way to squeeze the most miles per gallon in fuel economy for any vehicle. The goal for drivers is to meet (or even exceed) the mileage of a comparable size hybrid vehicle. If the driver happens to own a hybrid, then the challenge is to exceed the EPA ratings for that vehicle with smart driving tactics. Either way, it’s a game and you win at the pump. Before you can improve your gas mileage, you have to know what your current miles per gallon are. If you have …

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Shopping For Supplies and Merchandise at the Grocery Store 


We’re all familiar with inexpensive variety stores that have been around as long as you can remember probably.  Originally, there was the five and dime or just the dime store and most everything there was a nickel or a dime.  However, inflation couldn’t keep its nose out of our lives and forced prices to go higher.  And remember, five cents back in those days would be worth over a dollar today. Now we have the dollar stores which are a little misleading even though some things sell for a dollar or less but others multiples of a dollar.  They sell …

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Strategies for Families or Shoppers on a Food Budget Coupon

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It’s a rare family that’s not on a food budget.  The family food shopper searches for any way possible to cut back on the amount of money spent on food.  One of those is using coupons. Conservatively speaking, there are millions of coupons circulating every day that could cut your food budget by 30 to 50% – even more if you’re willing to turn couponing into a passion. Even the casual coupon clipper can become quite successful overnight and with more work and dedication become a super saver shopper.  You have to be patient, flexible and perhaps give up your …

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Saving Money With Unusual Gifts to Create and Purchase

savings gift bag with money

Giving a gift is a very generous and thoughtful thing to do.  It tangibly shows the giftee that you care enough to make or purchase something with only that person in mind.  This is more difficult to do for some people than others, especially if you must be cost conscious. You can become tired of giving the same old expected gifts and getting the same old predictable response.  It may be time to get resourceful and begin thinking outside the gift box.  With a little creativity and maybe a little work you can come up with gifts that go beyond …

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Seven Entertaining Family Fun Nights That Cost Little Money 


  Entertaining the family doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  You can save those to buy gasoline.  There are numerous ways for the family to have fun, be together and spend little if any money.  Be resourceful, creative, keep an open mind and a fun heart.  After all, nothing’s better than laughing with your family and laughs are free. Celebrate a holiday even if it’s not a holiday. Check the calendar and online for many unusual holidays on which to peg your celebration. For instance, there’s a National Watermelon Day.  Celebrate by gathering the family in the …

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Saving Money on Unique Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank 


Giving a gift is a way of saying I love you and you’re special. It can be a distinctive thank you for just being you.  Whatever the reason, the act of giving is something we all enjoy even though times are tough and maybe your budget is stretched to the limit.  What can you do to make gift giving more affordable and still give with pride?  Let’s take a look at some of the ways. Personalized homemade gifts are some of the best.  These depend somewhat on your particular talent but others can be made with just a little creativity …

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Making Money Online – Do You Need to Have Money to Make Money?


The short answer is, “No.”  You can effectively launch an Internet marketing career without a single dime.  All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, which does cost money, but we’re assuming you have those two components already. Many a marketer has gotten his or her start as an affiliate marketer.  Aside from shuffling around in your attic to find something you can sell for a profit on eBay, affiliate marketing is your best bet for a zero-dollar start-up business in the Internet marketing industry. All you need is a free ID that you can get on Pepperjam, …

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Many ways to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

It comes in the mail all too often.  A large pristine white envelope hand addressed to you.  The calligraphy is beautiful.  You don’t have to open it to know what it is.  It’s another wedding invitation to go with several others you’ve already received.  Some of these people you barely know. You know it means buying a gift and money is already in short supply.  Where can you find a cheap wedding gift and not look cheap?  How much should you spend?  If you’re invited to one of the wedding dinners a good rule of thumb is to spend about …

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