How Can LinkedIn Help You Be Successful – What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Tips

If you’re in business for yourself, then you know the challenges presented when that business is an online entity. You have to have a presence on the ‘net – you have to build an identity and a reputation that people can connect with. One of the ways that people connect today is by using social media sites. But if you look at most social media sites, you’ll see that they’re not just for professionals or those who own a business. This is where LinkedIn is different. Rather than being a site that focuses on personal relationships and needs, LinkedIn is …

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Using Social Networks Strategically – Drive Up Subscriptions

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Many people starting their own business online fail to realize the importance of social networking sites. They know that in their personal life, they either hate the existence of them or maybe find themselves spending too much time on them. So they ignore their value in terms of business – and more specifically in reaching their audience and building their subscriber base. Social networking sites are fertile ground for new subscribers, so you need to get onboard and embrace this as a hot spot for your business growth. There are many social networks online. You might even find some specific …

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