The Aging Woman Cares Less About 5 Things

Women are regarded as “picky” and obsessed with the world. Maybe it’s true. Or, rather, maybe it was. See, the truth is ask any woman in her twenties, thirties or even sometimes her forties, and you will learn that women love to be right, have to look their best at all times and care what you think.

News flash- you’re not that woman. You’ve grown, matured beyond the petty ramblings of society and now stand independently atop the pinnacle of achievement.

You’ve probably brought a child into this world, as well as went through periods of hardship in your life.

But that was the past. Now you have learned not to let small things get you down. Want to know 5 things you typically stop caring about as you get older and wiser? Let’s have a look!

Not Being “In Fashion”

Look- you’ve went through endless heels, uncomfortable skirts, and blouses and have the calluses to show for it to this day. Well, you’ve grown, and have learned that wearing the most fashionable outfit does not make for a better person.

The “boring” outfit you’re wearing today? It’s likely more comfortable than others who try to live out of their means, not to mention you saved a lot.

Would you rather look like a million bucks or actually have a million bucks? Chances are the public’s opinion is no longer relevant as long as you feel you look good. However, if someone thinks you look good, by all means accept that compliment!

If You Think I’m Wrong

Look, we all are entitled to our own opinions, no surprise there; however, what you should no longer worry yourself with is trying to convince someone why you are right, or to see things your way.

With the wisdom of aging comes the skill to know that it’s pointless to waste your time and breath arguing with someone who is convinced you are wrong. To each their own.

Not Being Trendy

Not knowing what the latest “omg” “lol” abbreviation is does not make for a better person. Sure, maybe Betty from down the street knows what it means, but unless they’re going to be used in spelling competitions for your grand kid, you shouldn’t waste your time with people’s idea of what trendy is.

You probably know the meaning of life, whereas these young guns have no clue. Who’s the cool one now?

Your Opinion Of Me

There was once a wise philosopher who once said, “What other people think of me is none of my business,” and chances are as you get older and wiser this holds so true.

Gossip has the habit of breaking down the person its spread about, but if you couldn’t care less about it, it makes for a much better experience. The worst outcomes? People may think you are ruthless. But then again…do you care?

If I’m Old

Hey news flash- we all age. You may be “old” today, but the 30 year old has no guarantees to look better than you do when they hit your age.

In fact, as age catches up, and the number becomes less relevant, it may become a guessing game of who’s older! The key is not to take offense at the word “old.”

Becoming defensive makes the person spewing it to think they are correct in the first place. As long as you feel young at heart, who gives a darn about a number!


Getting older brings with it among its many benefits an improved nonsense filter. You easily toss out things that serve no real purpose, including toxic people. You know best what deserves your love and all your “care”. Sometimes, it’s OK not to give a darn!