Women Age 50 And Older – 6 Things To Fear

If you’re reading this you probably just reached the golden milestone of 50, or passed it a few years back. How has it been going for you? Good I hope. This is a time, however, when the fears of women raise their ugly heads, and cast doubt and insecurity on a period that should be the most fun of your life.

If you haven’t experienced these fears yourself, you may not understand what I’m talking about. If you do experience any of the worries mentioned below, understand that it is completely normal.

The important thing is to not allow it to ruin your mood, and the days following.

You Worry About Your Health

Your health is usually brought to the front burner as you age, as you will likely develop one malady or the other as you age. It is normal to worry about this, as your health can ultimately determine your quality of life onward, as well as your financial well being.

To give yourself as much insurance as possible, take control of your lifestyle as soon as possible. If you eat junk, it will show.

Get in exercise 3 times weekly at a minimum, and modify your diet accordingly. Cut out bad habits as well, such as smoking, poor sleeping habits and drinking. Small changes can add up to big changes over the course or years.

You Worry About Being Unfulfilled

We all set goals. However, many people never get those goals accomplished. This can cause a sense of apprehension and fear, especially in women over 50.

Maybe you didn’t get that college degree in your twenties because you had more pressing engagements, such as getting a job to help pay the bills, or maybe you had to divert savings to an emergency medical procedure that you saved for years to start your small business.

Hopefully, you do not have an urgent requirement that would require you to take drastic measures, because at the end of the day you made the necessary decisions so that you and your family could have a better life.

You Worry About Money

As the age of retirement looms closer and closer, you may have to start thinking of your financial status. This can be a strong generator or worry and fear, especially if your spouse is in less than ideal health, and also of advanced age.

The important thing is to start saving now, if you haven’t already. Even if the amount saved seems insignificant, hopefully it will compound over time.

You Worry About Being Out Of Touch

Ok, so maybe your fashion choices are questionably “retro,” but isn’t it cute to boot? Yes, even though we often care less about fashion as we mature and grow older, we still like to remain in the times, displaying our savvy know how of pop culture and the latest fashion.

Many women over 50 may feel ridiculed for their naive use of today’s slang, but relax- this is usually water off a duck’s back.

One of the best things about being older is that you can choose to pick your battles, and worry much less about what the world and society is doing.

You Worry About Spirituality

Many women are drawn to god, the older they get. Though you may have gone through you twenties and the years leading up to your fifties without ever sparing a thought for god, it seems that a realization (or perhaps fear of the unknown) for god comes to the forefront.

This is understandable, since as your life looms on, you may experience feelings of guilt or remorse for things that happened in your youth. Confessing to god and asking for forgiveness can seem as the only outlet to erase your transgressions.

You Worry About Being Alone

One of the fundamental desires of every woman is affection and companionship. As such, feeling of loneliness or loss can be especially devastating and cause fear of the unknown future.

As you age, you need to become comfortable with the incidence of loss. Someone dear to you may die, and if that happens you need to be able to cope, grief is normal, but should not lead you down a spiral of depression and loneliness.


Chances are at least one of these fears cross your mind, or cause you some degree of worry. They are normal for anyone to think of these things, and fear the outcome.

However, reflect on all that you HAVE DONE, which is likely much more than many other people. You cannot be held hostage by fear or negative emotions, when there is so much to enjoy in life.

Enjoy every day of your existence!