Women Aging And 6 Real Upsides For Them

Getting older as a woman can be a real drag. At least, that’s what you are supposed to think. Almost every single day, you can come across an article or blog post addressing all the things that can go wrong as you age, without thinking of all the possible upsides that go with it. When you were young, did you have the luxury of going wherever you wanted, when you wanted to?

Highly unlikely, as you had to slave at your day job to keep your head over water or stay home and take care of the kids and your home. That’s not to say growing older is magical, but some real good times are there for you to experience? We found 6 things you can really look forward to as an aging woman.

No More Periods!

Ughh! Let’s face it; periods were the time of month that you dreaded encountering. You become irritable, moody and feel as bloated as a puffer fish. Your husband probably didn’t understand, he just knew to stay at an arm’s length during that time.

By the time you approach you mid to late forties, you will probably encounter the beginning of menopause (though it varies greatly from woman to woman). The period of menopause in itself might be miserable, but once the symptoms cease, and you stop seeing your monthly house guest, life gets so much better.

No longer do you have to worry about it coming at the worst possible time, every month, but you won’t miss the pain and discomfort either!

The Fashion Police Gives You A Green Light

As a young woman, fashion critique is harsh, and often unforgiving. However, as you age, you get a 1-up on the fashion department.

This is probably because of three key factors:

You Learn What Works For Your Body – after years of trial and error, you have probably mastered what makes you look best, and flatters the shape of your body.

You Care Less What People Thing – with age comes wisdom and confidence and you don’t care as much as you used to about what people think as to your clothing.

People Don’t Scrutinize You – luckily, people are not as harsh on older women’s fashion choices compared to young women. People respect your choices, and may even come to you for fashion advice. When that happens, know that you’ve made it as a fashionista.

You Can Pursue Your Passion

When tasked with raising kids, running a home and possibly having a full-time job, the time that’s left is hardly enough to get a decent bath and sleep. Thus, it’s not strange for young to middle aged women to have a sense of discontentment with where they are at this point in their lives, as they have sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

As an aging woman, you likely have more time on your hands, as the kids are grown, house is less messy and requires less frequent cleanings, and you probably don’t work anymore.

This leaves you ample opportunity to pursue you dreams, whether it be authoring a book, opening a business, earning a professional qualification or even climbing a mountain. The choices are endless.

You Have Higher Self Esteem

It’s amazing to know that as we get older, we feel better about ourselves and care less about what other people think of us. This is the mindset that a woman needs, as strangely enough women are cannibals to each other.

This is regardless of social class and wealth, and seems to have more to do with being mindful and self-appreciative.

Better Sex

Don’t listen to the dinosaurs who say that you have less sex as you age. Yes, while it is true that your hormone levels had a significant impact on your sex drive, that’s not to say that your body does not still get by on a little of these hormones.

Even better yet, ask your doctor about the hormone replacement pill. This pill supplies your body with enough estrogen to greatly improve your quality of life, positively boosting many aspects of your health. If vaginal dryness concerns you, that’s why a little thing called lubricant was invented.

You Become Smarter

Age related brain decline aside, as you get older you do become smarter. The neuronal connections in your brain are strengthens, the two sides of your brain become more synergistic, and you have the ability to better retain memories. Maybe that explains why your kids and maybe grand kids love calling nana for every little thing!