Experience The Power of Living in The Powerful Now

The power of now

Living in the now may sound like a New Age concept for hippies, but it can be one of the most powerful tools for living your best life once you start to practice it.  We are human beings, not human ‘doings’, and yet most of us, especially in the West, are constantly chasing after what we believe to be ‘success’. Yet success is not a fixed concept. It is in the eye of the beholder. In the West, being a veterinarian, doctor or lawyer might be considered a sign of success, yet we know that there are many unhappy doctors. …

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Everyone Would Love The Freedom to Be Your Own Boss One Day

Be Your Own Boss

There’s a common theme among those who begin searching for a way to launch their own work at home business – financial freedom.  You might be in dire need of a way to earn more money than your current job provides. Or, it could be that you have a job that pays an amazing salary, but just doesn’t fulfill you as much as being your own boss would.  There’s something missing from life when you’re forced to report to a job at a specific time, told what tasks need to be done, and obligated to steer a company the way …

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Educational Skills to Learn For 2021 Entrepreneur Success

Skills To Learn

Being an entrepreneur is something that a lot of people dream of becoming. It’s a great dream to have and there are so many avenues open to the person who’s willing to put in the effort to make the business succeed. Part of succeeding means being honest about areas that you feel you lack in, such as advertising, writing, social media, etc. To be good at what you do means that you have to engage in continuing education. It’s important that you do this because in the world of entrepreneurial pursuits, not growing in knowledge can kill your business. Strategies …

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Twelve Daily Habits to Improve Your Health and Well-being

Build a habit

What is a habit? What do you think of when you hear the word habit? If you’re like most people, you hear the word habit and associate something negative with it. Smoking, overeating, and always being late are all negative habits. However, habits can and do show up as positive, if you know how to train yourself toward this goal. A habit doesn’t have to have negative associations. Many people, in addition to thinking habits are bad, also think new habits are painful. This does not have to be true either. Once you see how habits are beneficial to you …

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Stop Arriving Late for Everything and Start Arriving on Time

Self Help

Sometimes it feels impossible to get it together. You dash through getting dressed only to still arrive for work five minutes late. That movie you wanted to see with friends was great; only you showed up halfway through the previews. You’re always rushing, but you never quite get anywhere on time, and it’s leaving you feeling dragged out, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little like a failure. And you can’t figure out why the rest of the world seems to have no trouble at all with being on time when you would likely be late to your funeral. So how …

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Get Good Mental Training for Work Performance and Peak Life

Mental Trining

There’s a psychology that can help people learn how to focus mentally to gain better performance. When getting what you want out of life is important to you, you can use your mental ability to achieve your goals. With mental training, you can accomplish great things. You can learn how to structure your time so that you focus on what needs to be done. You’ll gain the ability to discern which tasks need to be done and which ones are just wasting your time. You’ll also be able to shed the mental roadblocks that can keep you from going where …

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Through Any Obstacles Keep Your Productivity on Right Track


Building a business can be an exciting time in your life. It can also be one of the most stressful and frustrating times for you. Any time that you start to do something – to move forward – things will crop up that stand in your way, threatening your success. These conflicts can arise in many different areas – and they can affect the level of productivity that you have. Learn to recognize these obstacles and how you can successfully keep on track when they do appear. The problems overlap between your personal and professional lives. For example, problems at …

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What Would Help Your Actions Support a Strong Mindset?

Mind over matter scrabbles

It’s clear that life doesn’t divide up all good things evenly among all people. You can tell that just by people watching. Some people are better looking than others. Then there are people who are richer than their peers. There are people who come from a good background. They have a great education. They’re intelligent, well-liked – and it appears the world is theirs for the taking. Then, there are people who are average in looks. They don’t have all of the money they need, much less all that they want. They come from backgrounds full of various struggles. They …

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